What makes an Instagram brand successful? Perhaps answering DMs, running photocopies and generally being the first point of contact with the brand. All this make a part of a well-schemed marketing campaign just as following current holidays. As you can presume, it’s important for any blog owner to track holidays and celebrate them on Instagram. If you agree with this, take May holidays seriously and incorporate them into your marketing campaign. Be sure, you will only benefit from this. InstaBF, your true friend in the world of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, will gladly present to your attention most interesting and significant holidays to celebrate in May.



Europe Day (May 3rd)


Does your brand call Europe home? Or do you intend to attract customers from European countries? In both cases celebrating this holiday, you will drive attention to your Instagram account. How to do this? Here are several ideas:

  • European Dressups and Lunch Breaks: Incorporating European clothes and food into your business for a photo session, you can make a lot of fuss around the holiday. Think about taking photos of your staff eating pizza, pasta, baguets for lunch while wearing a beret or other European clothing.
  • Content “Dressed” in Blue: Posting content that celebrates Europe (landmarks, etc.) make sure they are majorly in blue. Blue lights, tourist attractions… All this will do great!



Mother’s Day (May 13th)


We love mums, we adore mums and we can’t bypass the sweetest holiday of May – Mother’s Day! Share thematic and interesting content that promotes love, appreciation, and gifting.

  • Celebrate Mums in the Business Space: Use this holiday to celebrate the powerful mums involved in your business who are equally successful in running a business and raising kids. You can use the #ladybosses hashtag.
  • Holiday Giveaway: Use this holiday to host thoughtful giveaways such as comfortable nightwear, bath indulgences, etc. This way you can use trending hashtags and give back to your audience.



International Day of Families (May 15th)


Just two days after Mother’s Day, we celebrate International Day of Families. Here are a couple of holiday campaigns to consider:

  • Capture Events that Bring Families Together: Is family-filled love important to your brand? Then throw an event which will bring loved ones together a couple of weeks before the holiday and then share it in real-time.
  • The Little Things That Make Us a Family: As an Instagram marketer you should know that relatable content performs superbly on socials. Just think what family would mean to your target audience and use that concept to offer your products/services in that scope.



National Bike to Work Day (May 17th)


Is the concept of a healthy lifestyle important to you and your target audience? If yes, then why not promote getting to work by bike instead of car or bus on this holiday?

  • Capture Your Own Experience: Don’t get us wrong – we by no means condone riding and videoing unless you have a camera fastened to your bike. Capturing the serenity on your way from home to work will likely inspire others to get on a bike and start riding it.
  • Comparisons of Bikes VS Cars: Drive out a comparison between riding a bike to work and getting there by car. Be frank and don’t miss out the benefits of driving a car, yet make the emphasis on riding a bike.