Once April rolls around, one-quarter of the year will be passed. This means you have had quite much time to boost your Instagram marketing campaign through holidays. And if for some reason you have missed such important holidays as Women’s Day or St Valentine’s Day, it’s high time to approach hashtag holiday campaigns over the next quarter more seriously. Now, InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to bring to your attention several ideas on how you can incorporate upcoming holidays into your business’s marketing campaign. Let’s start with April’s holidays.



National Walking Day (April 3rd)


There are thousands and millions of Instagrammers who appreciate and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Celebrating national walking day on your Gram account is a great means of attracting their attention. So, here are a couple of tips on how you can celebrate this holiday:

  • Giveaways for Health Brands – It’s a grandiose means to organize giveaways on this day to create hype during the upcoming days.
  • Competition (Step Counter) – Why not organize a competition and encourage people to count their steps?!
  • Walking Breaks – To encourage your customers and followers walk during lunch breaks, organize such walking breaks yourself. Take a video or imagery to share on Instagram and thus promote a team environment of a brand.



National Pet Day (April 11th)


Pet owners will agree that animals quickly become family members once you start taking care of them. And did you know that there’s a holiday dedicated to our four-legged friends? As you have probably guessed, it’s a great idea to devote a post or two to pets, be sure their owners will appreciate! How? Let’s check out some ideas:

  • Lookalike posts – Have you heard that in the course of time pet owners start looking like their pets? Use this fact to create a hilarious April’s post.
  • Animal-Friendly Brands – Do you run a business not incorporating animals in tests? Well done! Pet owners will appreciate that hence don’t lose this chance to remind them about it. Soon you will find many new followers (passionate about animal rights) join your account.



National Stress Awareness Day (April 16th)


Nowadays there is perhaps no social media manager or business owner who is unaware of stress. And right for this, there’s National Stress Awareness Day celebrated on April 16th. Have a look at our top hashtag campaign ideas related to this holiday.

  • Take it Easy – It’s a clever way to give a value to this holiday by giving your followers critical anti-stress ideas (trash negative thoughts, wear something comfy, compliment yourself, etc.).



National Picnic Day (April 23rd)


Picnics always refresh, energize and make life so much better! Businesses and brands can make use of this holiday to encourage organizing picnics outdoors with snacks, some fresh bakery products, and fruit in a basket. Especially for this:

  • Bring Inside Businesses Outside – Those businesses which are cooped up in offices, can make use of this lovely holiday and get out among the great outdoors. Showcase products, take photos of your office workers having fun outdoors and post all that on Instagram.