Welcome back to InstaBF, one of the best providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers! In our previous post, we talked about the advantages of Instagram as a platform for establishing a dropshipping business on. We also spoke about how easy it is to settle a Gram business account! And now it’s time to address such crucial themes as what mistakes to avoid and what steps to undertake to make your dropshipping business prosper and bring you the anticipated profit.



Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

So, you have already created your Instagram business account and follow a certain strategy you have adopted. But, unfortunately, if others benefit from their Instagram marketing campaign, it doesn’t seem to work in your favor. What’s the reason? Most probably there are certain defects in your approach and use of the strategies. Particularly which, we shall discuss now.

  • No Uniqueness

Taking into consideration that plenty of Instagram dropshipping retailers actually may offer the same as you, it will be more difficult for users to distinguish. In fact, being involved in the same product line as many others isn’t a serious problem, yet offering all the stuff in a similar way is sure to be a great issue. Making not unique posts may be one of your mistakes.


  • Irregularity

Irregularity in making posts is the next serious mistake to avoid. Making a post once or twice a week will make followers forget about you. This can be one of the reasons that Instagram marketing is not working for your dropshipping business.


  • Not Accessible to Public

The worst thing that you can do for your dropshipping Instagram business, is keeping the account private. A non-accessible account has no chances for incurring profits.


  • Not Using Available Filters and Tools   

You can upload a photo to your personal Insta account without enhancing it, but when the matter concerns images for a business account, not making use of the accessible tools and filters may become the reason for having not so attractive feed.


  • Lack of Interaction

Interaction is the key toward success. If your dropshipping business was not a success, most probably you showed passive behavior toward your followers.


  • Improper Use of Hashtags

An improper use of hashtags is able to generate quite big problems to your Insta dropshipping business. If you were not attentive to the hashtags used, most probably your error lies here.



How You Can Optimize Your Instagram Dropshipping Business Marketing


Now, when you know what should be avoided, by all means, it will be expedient to pass on what should be undertaken to make your dropshipping business even more profitable. Here are the key points:


  • Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using the appropriate hashtags makes products offered visible to the targeted audience. Hashtags are the best tools for categorizing photo and video content you share on this social network. Hence, be specific, don’t rush to use the top hashtags as each of them is used thousands of times every minute, but pick up particularly those hashtags which best describe your content and deliver it to target users. And remember to create your own branded hashtags!


  • Use Insta Tools to the Maximum

Instagram tools are great for optimizing an Insta marketing technique to the maximum. Keep track of the “INSIGHTS” to get the crucial information about particularly which posts get the highest engagement. The “PROMOTE” option, meanwhile, will change your most popular posts into adverts. Through the latter, you can initiate your target audience.


  • Create Tempting Visuals

To have an easily-recognizable brand on Instagram, you should work on the visuals and make them noticeable. For this, use Insta filters, be consistent with the style and colors you choose, make sure you create every visual content with quality and not quantity in mind, use captions that are smart yet don’t hide the influence of the visuals.


  • Involve Yourself

Be active on Instagram, if any of your followers have certain issues or questions related to your dropshipping business, make sure you provide timely, polite and satisfying answers. Follow the content of your followers, get engaged with them, and show you are interested in each of them.


  • Pick Up the Perfect Time for Posting

Before you make any post, make sure most of your followers are online. This will be a real boon for any dropshipping business!