The billion of active Instagram users make it a perfect platform for running a dropshipping business. In fact, the majority of most successful dropshipping marketing strategies are carried out particularly on Instagram, as due to the opportunity to have millions of users see your posts, you can significantly enhance your sales volume. With this said, it becomes clear that making some research concerning this business area, you can go for a super successful business!

Now InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers of the industry, will provide you with a complete guide and describe all aspects of using the Instagram social network for a dropshipping marketing. Let’s first start with the reasons why a dropshipping business can be successful particularly on this social media.



Why Pick Up Instagram for Your Dropshipping Business


Instagram is the unique social platform that has over a billion active monthly users, millions of daily users, as well as millions of photo and video content shared on a daily basis! With all these big numbers, can you guess how many views and likes can your post get in a single day? The chance of getting a high audience coverage, as well as an increased conversion rate,  make this platform primary for your business.

If you invest enough time and efforts in creating posts, choose the right niche, answer all queries and post regularly, lots of organic traffic will be generated without even spending any extra money.

Additionally, as the results of recent surveys show, most entrepreneurs haven’t yet managed to move from Facebook or Twitter to Instagram, though an active rush has already started. Hence, on Instagram, you still have a chance to operate without having many competitors.



Other Benefits not to Neglect


As you know, a good image is worth a thousand words! And this is especially actual when the matter concerns Instagram. Visual content appeals to people’s minds far more effectively than written words. The use of hashtags, in the meantime, makes it much easier to locate particularly what your customer looks for. Therefore, posting a photo and video content associated with your product line, you will link your business with your customers in an effective way!

Instagram gives an option of carrying on paid advertisements, yet there is always a good chance to advertise your products completely free of charge for your dropshipping business.

Anyway, perhaps the best thing about Instagram is the simplicity of both business account setting and using it. Make use of Instagram’s usability to upgrade your business level and enjoy massive profits!



Setting Up a Dropshipping Business Account on Instagram


The process of creating a dropshipping business account is much the same as you set up an ordinary business account. Yet, there are several key points worth mentioning:

  • Use your brand’s name as the username of your new business account.
  • Add a profile photo (better your brand’s logo), as well as a bio (up to 150 characters) with an active link to your website.
  • Link your new account to other third-party sites such as Facebook, for instance. This way you’ll be able to share the same post on both sites.


So, we have talked about the major benefits of choosing Instagram for starting your dropshipping business and revealed how simple it is to create an account for it. If you are interested in the tips for optimizing your dropshipping business account, as well as mistakes to avoid, keep tuned! Find the sequel in our next post!