Preparing a post for your Instagram account is nearly always an exciting process, isn’t it? You devote your time, your ingenuity and expect all your efforts awarded with plenty of likes and comments. This will raise your Instagram engagement and perhaps your brand awareness (in case you own a business account). However, before you post the photo or video you plan, don’t you ponder whether to write a short caption or a long one? So which will be more beneficial and promote the increase of your account engagement? InstaBF is going to find this out right now, together with you. But before that, let us tell you that another quick and easy way of boosting your engagement is applying to our service. We shall provide you with as many Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views and new followers as you would like. All our accounts are HQ real-looking ones. And all this at quite an affordable price, check it out yourself!


The Best Length of Instagram Captions


InstaBF made a survey to find out the opinion of multiple users of Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. Summing up the results, we came to the conclusion that short captions are more preferable for users than long ones. Why? In fact, there are several reasons we can explain for such an attitude. Here are them:


  • Long captions stress out eyes and bore quickly;
  • Short captions are best depending on the user posting it;
  • Though a good opening paragraph of a long Gram caption will work well, short captions turn to be more interesting and funny;
  • Plenty of users don’t even read the captions, hence there’s no need to write long captions.


What Can Define a Caption as Short?


Are captions composed of a couple of words considered short? Or perhaps it can extend up to a couple of sentences? After asking these questions to plenty of Gram users, we go the following answer “A caption is short if it’s up to one paragraph in length”. This paragraph can have up to four or five sentences. Agree that this tendency also makes it more convenient to schedule posts in advance.


InstaBF Observations


InstaBF, as a leading Instagram provider, has its own observations that we’d like to share with you. In our opinion, there are several solid reasons why people prefer short captions to long ones these days. Here are them:


  • Today time is the most precious resource, hence the quicker we can scroll the Instagram feed the better.
  • A huge number of people these days wear glasses. This fact makes them squint when reading and they involuntarily don’t finish too long captions.
  • Instagram is, first of all, a visual platform and people prefer to spend time enjoying awesome pictures or videos rather than reading what’s there written under them.


So, you see there’s no need to spend your precious time thinking of long captions. Instead, pass on to shorter ones and watch your analytics. The latter will show you how efficient they are for your account. Everyone has a specific audience, and if for a hundred accounts it’s more expedient to use short captions, your followers may expect long captions from you. And don’t forget to include a link to your website or blog (if you have one)!