Instagram keeps on developing and what might be effective last year, may appear incompetent this year. InstaBF wants to present to your attention the new 2018 rules of using Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are still an efficient way of increasing your engagement and the number of followers on this social network. Right now we shall reveal all the rules of utilizing hashtags starting from Insta stories and ending with following them.


1. Keep Hashtags Relevant

Following hashtags is an option added to Instagram recently. This means that users are not obliged to search a certain hashtag or scroll through an unbearably long list of feeds to find your content. Instead, potential followers will see your content in their feed. Additionally, hashtagged content can from now on be marked (“Don’t show for this hashtag”). If there are too many such complaints from users, not only that particular content but the user’s all other posts are affected. Therefore, if Instagram’s algorithm propagandized the use of relevant hashtags, now this has become a must.


2. Don’t Use the Same Hashtags

If users could write down a series of hashtags relevant to the content type they are used to posting regularly and copy it for every post, in 2018 Instagram algorithm will see this as spam. This, in its turn, may affect the visibility of your post. It’s recommended to come up with a totally new list of hashtags for each and every post you are going to make this year.


3. Track the Effectiveness of Your Business Profile Hashtags

Instagram business profile owners have been privileged with the ability to analyze the effectiveness of individual posts they make. They can get the exact information how this or that post affects followers and what engagement they bring through hashtags. And if your Insta profile is business, too, go ahead and make use of the insights to optimize the hashtag strategy you follow.


4. Follow Hashtags that Interest You

Before the new 2018 year, it was announced that Instagram was going to make it possible to follow hashtags. And today, it’s already made! Whatever topic you are interested in, you can select to follow the relevant hashtag and get access to up-to-date posts. To choose a certain hashtag, just go to the page of the hashtag and click on the button “Follow”. Right from that moment, relevant top posts will appear in your feed.


5. Add Hashtags to Stories

Stories form perhaps the most significant part of Instagram and in 2018 Insta users can add hashtags right to their stories! This will make your content discovered by target audience even easier. For instance, if someone is searching the hashtag you have tagged your story with, your content will appear in his/her feed!


As far as you are interested in the best quantity of hashtags to use for a certain post, InstaBF can advise you use all thirty tags that Instagram allows. Surely, this may seem a bit awkward, yet is sure to assist in making your posts discovered easier! Another advice InsaBF wants to give you is making use of our amazing offer! We have schemed several packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers that can help you raise your profile engagement immensely! All the profiles are real-like and won’t cause any suspicion from aside. InstaBF is the service you can always trust and be sure we won’t let you down!