Making use of hacks addressed to enhancing your Instagram profile you will make your brand stand out among millions of others! Today we shall go on with crazy hacks and refer to those designed for Instagram captions and Stories.

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Hacks for Standout Instagram Captions


Undeniably, photos and videos you choose to share on Instagram are the most important. Yet, captions can play a critical role in creating a community around your business, too. To boost them, make use of one of the following handy hacks:


  • Hide hashtags in captions. Hashtags are a true means of boosting engagement on Instagram. However, when used more than several, they can make a caption look messy and untidy. But if you want to add all the 30 allowed tags in every caption, manually add line breaks to move the bunch of hashtags down in the caption or use a third-party app for this. 
  • Gather and save the most effective hashtags for your brand. Strategically it is necessary to use hashtags in captions on every post. To save time and energy, find hashtags relevant to your brand, save them to keep organized and use whenever you need. 



Hacks for Awe-Inspiring Instagram Stories


Did you know that over half a billion people watch Instagram Stories on a daily basis? If you want them to engage with your business, adhere to the following smart hacks all schemed for Instagram Stories:


  • Stories templates will help you preserve consistency and save time. In fact, Stories templates have gone viral on Insta and many influencers and brands carefully create their unique branded stories with a uniform tone, color, format, and style. Templates significantly speed up Story making, hence create your own templates matching your brand voice.
  • Get a background image for Story stickers. As an Instagram brand owner, you know well how powerful Stories stickers can be in raising engagement. To make your stickers stand out, create a background image for it. Such applications as Over and Background Eraser Remover can help you greatly. 
  • Get more colors for Gram Stories. There’s a hidden hack you can use whenever you want to match your Stories text color with its aesthetic. For this, choose the brush tool, tap the hold any default color option for a while time and a color slider will open. Choose any custom hue from here and type your text. 
  • Adding hashtags to Stories will increase views. You might be unaware but there’s a possibility to add up to ten hashtags to every Instagram Story you make. This is an under-utilized hack. To make use of it, just pick up ten relevant hashtags and type them right into the story through the text tool. After this, blend the text into the background of the Story to hide it. 
  • Copy and paste photos to Instagram Stories. This way you can add more than one image to your story or overlay your preferred image on your pre-existing template. To do this, copy the preferred image from your camera roll and paste it to the story with a text tool. To copy the image, you will need to tap the “Export” button on it.