Would you like to enrich your Instagram arsenal with really useful tips? One of the most credible Instagram and IGTV providers InstaBF is ready to help you boost your Insta game! With the following hacks, you will be able to work much smarter and faster. So, let’s start the theme with hacks appropriate for creating awe-inspiring Instagram profiles!



Hacks for Amazing Instagram Profiles


A smart Instagram user aims to let their profile and bio tell the followers who they are and what they do as quickly as within a couple of seconds. Accordingly, a well-organized profile is the first key to success. For this:


  • Add line breaks in the bio. For this, you will need to access your Instagram account from a laptop. Once you edit your profile and update it, all the line breaks you have added will appear in their right places. 
  • Add hashtags or links to other profiles. Unlike before, today you can add clickable links and hashtags in the bio. Once you insert a @ or # in front of an account or a word, it will automatically become active. This trick is especially useful for those who lead two or more accounts or have branded hashtag campaigns. 
  • Get the right alignment for the bio. There aren’t many ways that you can use to make your Instagram bio eye-catching. One of those few ways is finding the perfect alignment/spacing. When trying this remember that you have only 150 characters and you must devote enough symbols for your brand messaging. 
  • Incorporate unique characters in the bio name and caption. Most probably you have seen lovely symbols such as pencils, stars, sun, and others on Instagram bios. If you liked them and want the same, you can find them in the word processing programs such as Google Docs or Word (advanced symbols). Create your bio in the word, add your favorite symbols, copy the content and paste in your Instagram. 
  • Get to the Explore page as much as you can. Remember that bio’s “name” field is searchable. You can use it to insert a word that best describes your brand. Use important keywords, those that are most searched by your target audience. 
  • Reorder Stories highlights. These are very important in presenting your business account to your visitors. They showcase the best content you have right in the center of your profile page. Hence, remember to store the best that you have in highlights. 
  • Change your highlights icons. Stories Icons are designed to draw in your followers and make them want to tap to see all the Stories you have posted. They must both match Instagram aesthetics and perfectly describe what’s there in the section. Currently, one can change the cover of a highlight with an image you haven’t ever posted. You’d better pick up lovely and attractive covers.
  • Make a Shoppable webpage from your Instagram feed. It’s tough but once can’t link out from Instagram. With some third-party applications, it’s already possible to turn Instagram feeds into real shoppable webpages. The latter looks exactly like Instagram profiles, yet the posted images all contain links. They can go to a business website, a blog, or any other destination you may need.