Having lots of followers really interested in your life and inspired by your posts – doesn’t it sound great and tempting? Buying active, real Instagram followers provides an opportunity for credible communication with your audience and keeping in close touch with the people who are really fond of you. The more followers you buy, the larger is the more attention you draw to your posts.

Quality of followers

Why is it so important to buy high-quality followers? Some people often think that Instagram profiles and posts having lots of likes and comments should seem more attractive and interesting. Still, in many cases, such accounts look rather suspicious – fakes are easily identified. Lots of comments from fake followers ruin the first impression of your Instagram profile and distract people from following. The main advantage of involving real, active profiles in mass-following is getting likes and live comments (no clichés, no double posting, etc.) from accounts with real photos and biographies. Still, you should not overlook the fact that any real followers are not active a priori. The main aim of buying real followers is to boost the engagement of your audience and improve your account promotion. In other words, when you buy followers for your account, you provide a good initial base for reaching your target audience as soon as possible. The larger is the initial number of your real followers, the higher is your chance to extend your audience coverage within the shortest possible period. In fact, by purchasing initial 10.000 followers you kick start your account to get 100.000 followers for free in future.

Quantity of followers

Quantity of followers

One should really mention the importance of large numbers in mass following on Instagram. The larger is the number of your account the more respectful and popular it seems to your potential audience, the more new followers you will get. The number of followers increases the trust level and is the best proof of a successful business and personal branding. These two key factors are the main basis of any promotion campaign. We have already mentioned that buying a certain number of followers will result in a multifold audience increase in future. Another important thing to keep in mind at the initial stage of the campaign is that the more followers you have at the very start, the sooner your profile/community will become a cost-effective tool for promotion. In other words, if you invest in 10.000 followers for your campaign you will get 100.000 new followers in 1.5 months, if you buy 50.000 followers it will take you only about 2.5 weeks to achieve the same milestone. Note that the number of likes and followers should be equal.

Another important component of a promotional campaign is an inventive use of tags and hash tags. This tool is crucial for conversion of the likes and followers you buy from InstaBF into new followers and hype. Use popular and relevant hash tags to draw the attention of your target audience.