In our previous article IGTV: New Opportunities for Instagram Bloggers  we briefly outlined the probable prospects of IGTV for various user groups. In this article, we will focus on the opinions of the significant part of the Instagram audience – beauty and fashion bloggers. No other social network except Instagram can boast such a high number of beauty and fashion influencers, so the introduction of the new long video format will definitely stimulate their activity in the IGTV app.


IGTV vs YouTube: Beauty Vloggers Benefit from Both


According to the leading marketing specialists, the number of beauty bloggers on Instagram is 5 times higher than on YouTube, so it seems logical that the beauty bloggers who have never used videos in their blogging will definitely utilize the opportunities of IGTV  as it allows them to work with the base of followers they have already accumulated on Instagram. This surely means that they will have a much better start conditions meaning they will earn more likes and views at the initial stage which is crucial for further promotion.

Still, even experienced and popular YouTubers may find IGTV useful as well – It may become a good source of new followers for their main channels. As we have already mentioned, there is also an opportunity to diversify their channels due to differences in video formats defining the probable differences of content: YouTube channels will be targeted at more mature and pickier audience watching professionally produced videos on horizontal desktop and TV screens while IGTV will have the channels for younger users and broadcast less technically sophisticated content mostly for mobile devices.

Anyway, all the bloggers who will be active on both platforms will surely benefit from it, but if you are thinking of just starting a vlog, it would be wiser to start it on IGTV as it is more socially oriented and likes and followers earned there will provide better conversion in future.


Beauty Bloggers’ Thoughts on IGTV


Surely, the probable user cases may eventually change for both platforms, but currently one can practically judge by the statements of top beauty influencers who have already expressed their opinions about IGTV.

For example, some world-famous beauty influencers having around 800,000 followers on Instagram are among those bloggers who are going to use both platforms for specific purposes. Particularly, they share their experience of using IGTV for short skincare tutorials that were quite successful with her followers. The bloggers are going to produce different types of content for both channels.

Popular makeup artists with more than 100,000 followers, have disclosed their plans of using the IGTV videos instead of live streams in which they demonstrate exclusive makeup techniques to their followers. The makeup pros also noted that it is much more convenient to answer the comments than to use the live chat during the stream, so IGTV seems to be quite promising to them.

As for the differences between vertical and horizontal video, many content makers having up to 1,000,000 followers on Instagram and even more subscribers on YouTube say that they prefer vertical format for their beauty videos while many of their followers still like the horizontal one. Still, no one can deny that YouTube is less mobile friendly and one of the first IGTV tutorials earned more than 100,000 views, which proves a huge potential of the new service by Instagram.

Whether you are an experienced beauty blogger or a newbie, you will certainly find it useful to ignite the people’s interest in your post and use the snowball effect for growing your followers’ base. InstaBF is ready to provide professional and highly reliable results – IGTV Likes, IGTV Views and IGTV Comments are at your disposal to develop your image and become even more successful.

Our next article  will be dedicated to the detailed prospects of IGTV for business and brand promotion.

Stay tuned!