Some Instagram users accept quotes just as decent “filler content” pieces. Actually, they are much more than that. They are useful tools for plenty of businesses on their way toward achieving their bravest marketing goals (building brand affinity and driving sales). As you have probably guessed, InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider you can trust anytime you need likes, comments, followers and views, is going to turn to the significance of quotes for Instagram users, especially IG business owners.



Using Quotes in Your Instagram Marketing


Despite the fact that quotes were initially used only when Instagram users ran out of ideas what to post (and still some people adhere to this phenomenon), they can be used for a number of other reasons and purposes, as well. They can be especially useful in promoting Insta campaigns. How? Let’s find this out together:


Engaging the Audience


The primary and perhaps the simplest reason why brands use quotes is engaging their audience thus creating deeper relationships. What makes this great is that one can use quotes to take the strategy in any direction suitable for the brand. If the brand is all about fun and entertainment, happiness-inducing quotes in bright designs can be perfect. More serious and inspirational quotes, meanwhile, are better for appropriate brands.


Sharing Testimonials

Instagram quotes are also a great means of sharing testimonials. Surely, it may look somewhat too cut-and-dry, yet it is highly beneficial for a business. And this technique is broadly used by numerous brands. For instance, @tartecosmetcs shares multiple positive and even humorous testimonials on their account.


Starting Conversations


It’s far not that easy to make followers engage with your posts. Instagram quotes, meanwhile, can generate more activity in the post’s comments if they are intriguing and provocative. Generally, this step has its positive results. For instance, @supergoop loves sharing stimulating and sometimes question-based quotes just to answer the multiple questions they receive in one answer.


Building Product Awareness

Another efficient means of using quotes on Instagram is building product awareness. Use them to remind your followers about the new e-commerce product features you are currently selling. This can be seen from the bright examples of such popular brands as @brooklinen and @casper. They quite often share quotes related to their products thus building brand affinity.


Promoting a Campaign or Project


Instagram quotes can also be used to promote current projects and campaigns. The results promise to be more than satisfying – you will engage multiple comments and raise the interest toward your project on this social network just as @jengotch did recently.



Creating Instagram Quotes Templates


So, if you feel encouraged to use a quote for boosting your Instagram brand awareness and drive more sales (if you own an IG business), you would also like to know how you can create some. The two most practical and effective tools for this purpose are Canva and Adobe Spark. Use either to create branded content via engaging quotes and you won’t regret!