Instagram has evolved from a simple platform for interaction with friends to a real profitable marketplace for businesses that can offer as many products and services as there are! In fact, Instagram is the leader in that entire ecosystem with 10% higher engagement rate compared to another mega-popular social network Facebook and up to 84% higher rate than Twitter. Additionally, the greatest part (around 80%) of one billion active monthly users follow brands and make purchases inspired by their offers. This, in its turn, implies a harsher competition between various brands. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on all major competitors you have on Instagram. Only this way you can stay relevant, improve your marketing game, and get new followers which can later be converted into customers. By monitoring their Instagram marketing strategy (especially of those who have become very popular), you will be able to learn their tricks and avoid the mistakes they have made. Besides, don’t forget that your competitors’ followers are your potential customers.

So that to start monitoring your Instagram competitors, first find them. Without an efficient tool, this will be nearly impossible. Hence, InstaBF, a respectable IG and IGTV provider of the market, will present to your attention a number of ways how you can research your brand’s competitors with the help of a wonderful application named Combin.



Finding Your Brand’s Global and Local Gram Competitors


In order to make use of the Combin tool, you will need to download it to your PC. The application is applicable to macOS, Windows, and Linux. After this, open the application and login to your Insta account. Be calm, as the app neither stores nor shares any user’s private information. It supports two-factor authentication.


Once done, click the “Add New Search” on the search tab. To conduct a search, use a couple of hashtags which are related to your brand. Here you can set the place and the search limit. If not satisfied, you can refresh the search and more results will be loaded. Afterward, sort all the results got by their number of comments and likes. Pay special attention to the most popular results, as the owners of those posts made and promoted that look like yours are your global competitors.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in only the local competitors as your brand supplies products and services merely to your local environment, the same research is to be conducted with only one difference. When you add a new search, pick out the needed name in the section “place”. After refreshing the search and getting results, the top results (sorted by popularity) will be the posts by your competitors yet only locally.

After you have all these results, you can engage with their content and influencers, with their followers and customers. As a result, once you get noticed in your competitors’ platforms, you will be able to convert them into your followers and your customers.



Finding Your Instagram Competitors’ Influencers


The hashtags brought forward by brands are actively used by their followers and influencers for promotions, as well as by the brands themselves in their publications. And if you are interested in the bloggers or influencers that deal with your competitors, you can again find them through Combin. For this, watch carefully your competitors’ feed and detect a branded hashtag. Tap it in the new search of Combin and click “Find”. After sorting the results by their popularity, you will find those authors of the posts, who review and promote your competitors’ products and services. These are bloggers and influencers who can, for a certain award, spread a word about your business, too.