Blogging has become quite a profitable business during the past several years. In fact, anyone who has a determination and passion toward this job can start a blog even not having money to invest or any technical experience in the field. Additionally, having some really useful recommendations by professionals, you can step into the blogging world with no fear or hesitation. Ready? If yes, then let InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider give you some advice tips to succeed in your starting blogging experience.



Find Your Passions


For starting a blog, you should realize well why you are doing that. For this, write down your passions, your interests, as well as what you are good at. This way you will get a precise image what your social media blog will be about. Besides, you can define your tone. The latter can be witty, inspirational, educative, etc. Just make sure you adhere to your main theme and style, so that not to disappoint your followers later.



Discover Your Target Audience


Shares, traffic, likes, increased engagement… All these are impossible to get if you don’t target to the right audience. You can call them your tribe, faithful people on the other side of the technology who are impatiently waiting to see your next post. They are eager to share, comment and interact with you both as an Instagram blogger and a personality. How can you find the right people? Conduct some surveys among your competitors, those who share your interests and who already have an “army” of loyal followers. Making some smart and on-the-spot comments and getting into a conversation with them right under your competitors’ posts, most probably you will soon see them complete the range of your followers.



Scheme a Memorable Brand


Do you want to stand out with your blog and then link it to your Instagram account? Then you need a memorable brand. A brand is much more than simply a name or even the URL. It must accurately transfer the essence of your blog and personally you. To find something catchy, remarkable, but at the same time congruent to your brand, follow these several steps:

  • Brainstorm several variants
  • Test them with your target audience
  • Get your domain name
  • Get your logo designed
  • Create respective content including images and videos with special applications like Canva
  • Use the new branding element in all social media accounts with Instagram in particular



Get a Web Host


If you choose to get a self-hosted solution instead of using WordPress, you will do the right step. Just think yourself, once you have your traffic grown, you will have to deal with a frustrating site migration. To avoid this, InstaBF recommends going for a self-hosted website. Additionally, today it’s far not so expensive as it used to be. You will also need to create a hosting account.



Create Compelling Content


Suppose you have already got your niche, created a host account and picked the right blogging platform (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.). What’s next? Start creating compelling content and promoting it on Instagram. The latter is the ideal platform for attracting the right audience and forwarding them directly to your blog. You can use such a great feature as Instagram Stories to hint about your newly published blog post.

Anyway, before that, have a glance at our checklist of what makes a blog post compelling:

  • It features a headline which induces a link;
  • It tells a naturally flowing story;
  • It’s filled with visual cues and diverse media;
  • It includes a smart formatting throughout for an easy reading;
  • It focuses only on one key point and the whole post supports it;
  • It encourages readers to take an action (share it on Instagram, comment, sign up for your mailing list, etc.).


Only if you support all these points, your Instagram followers will acknowledge the value of your blog and drive more traffic to not only your Instagram account but also your website.