Instagram businesses and creative communities are constantly worried about this or that matter related to this social network. One of the most discussed topics of the kind is how to post on Gram right from a desktop. Obviously, this can be done with the help of a scheduling tool. But which scheduling program to choose? Which of them will help you make the most out of your account? And after you pick up the best, what next? Taking into account the diversity of scheduling tools offered in the market today, InstaBF thought it would be helpful for you if we talked about how you can make your posts on Gram from a desktop. As you can see, InstaBF, one of the most trustworthy Instagram and IGTV providers of likes, comments, views, and followers, always cares about the matters its customers may be concerned with and tries to refer to topics you are sure to be interested in.



Choosing a Scheduling Tool to Rely On

Let the diversity of scheduling tools in the market not frustrate you. Before you choose any of them, it’s important to make sure it thoroughly meets your requirements and can be trusted unconditionally. Quite many scheduling tools charge high while offering only the basic options; don’t comply with Gram’s rules around the use of their API; provide poor customer support.



Collecting Quality Photo and Video Content

So, now when you have found a scheduling tool to can rely on, it’s time to collect top-quality photos and videos to post on your Insta account. Besides, you may also need some vertical format content to post in Stories. Generally, planning your Instagram feed approximately a week beforehand is recommended for all Insta business owners. Hence, if you usually make a post per day on your Insta feed, you will need at least seven images/videos for your feed, and seven ones for your Stories.



Scheduling Posts

So, you have already downloaded the best Scheduling tool, collected a bunch of images/videos… What next? Just enter the scheduler and upload all the content you have collected. The trick here is to always know what to write in each caption. Particularly here you may need to spend some time brainstorming. Remember, that a good caption should be neither too long to bore your followers nor too short. And what’s the most important, is that the captions should be highly interesting and engaging.

After all this is done, schedule each post right from the desktop without digging into your smartphone.



Respond to Comments to Create Relationships

How many business owners on Instagram can confess they forget (or don’t feel like) to respond to their followers’ comments from time to time? Most probably many. And once you switch to auto-posting that Instagram offers to businesses, tracking the community engagement becomes even more difficult. Yet, despite this, it’s really crucial to show your followers you read and value their comments, the time they spend watching or commenting on your brand. This way you will increase the rate of your account’s engagement, increase the sales and boost your reputation!