For a solo business owner or blogger on Instagram who has been managing everything on is own for years, outsourcing Instagram content can be a really terrifying step. However, it becomes the only way out once you feel your Instagram Marketing has started to take up much time of your day and you can bear that no longer. If you feel this refers particularly to you, InstaBF, one of those rare providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views you can always trust, would like to share five different steps you can use to outsource your Gram. Which to choose, depends on your budget, as well as on how much control you still wish to leave for yourself.



Outsourcing Instagram Photography

Perhaps the first thing an Instagram blogger or business owner could undertake to lessen his burden is outsourcing Instagram photography. If it’s convenient to you, you can hire a photographer and take a bulk of your outfits in advance, or you can hire someone who could create fresh custom stock images for your Insta account on a monthly basis.

Taking into account the harsh competition of over one billion monthly active users for attention on Instagram, posting quality visual content (both images and videos) is mandatory. The higher the quality of the images you post is, the more likely it is that more people would like to follow you and more brands will agree to collaborate with you.



Outsourcing Instagram Caption Writing

What do you think, what can Instagram users get attracted by after the visual content you post? Surely, captions! If you love styling your grid yet hate writing captions to them, or you have run out of ideas of smart captions, it’s time to think about outsourcing Instagram caption writing. Before you hire a copywriter for the task, sit down to talk to him (at least on Skype) so that he captures your brand voice. Another important tip is to provide your copywriter with a list of most common phrases and terms that you use in your daily life and especially on Instagram. This way the new captions will sound more authentic to your followers.



Outsourcing Instagram Posting


Do you find it boring to post on Instagram regularly? Or perhaps you forget about it? In both cases, there is always a chance of outsourcing Gram posting. Just create the necessary content say a month or two in advance, and spend your time on brainstorming and creating fresh content while your new team member handles all the logistics of getting your content to your Instagram audience.



Outsourcing Instagram Engagement


Quite often, an Instagram blogger or business owner doesn’t manage to keep up with direct messages, comments and simply the daily engagement. In such cases, it becomes logical to outsource gram engagement. Just bring on board a copywriter at heart, someone who is witty with words and is experienced enough in the sphere of customer service (might be necessary if your sell services of products on Gram). Devoting around half an hour of a day to Instagram engagement is crucial, hence this is sure to be a worthy investment.


These are the major points of outsourcing worth considering. Surely, there is always an opportunity to outsource everything, yet this might be a risky step as you are losing your control over your own or your brand account. Hence, think twice before you take such a step.