In one of our previous posts, we started the topic of how to get sponsored on Instagram. Now we are going to complete the list of those crucial steps that can lead you to cooperation with remarkable Instagram brands and get paid for that. But before that, let us remind you that InstaBF offers several packages of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views and followers on quite affordable conditions. With this service, you have real chances to increase your popularity on Instagram and raise your engagement quickly with no efforts.



Tagging Brands in Instagram Posts


The moment you are sure all the previous four steps were adhered to, you will be ready to start reaching out to brands. After you have defined your brand and have filled your feed with quality and authentic content, start thinking about those businesses that can benefit from the cooperation with you.

Anyway, there’s no point in chasing after big deals. Instead, start small. Working with smaller brands allows creating a portfolio and “hunt” for big fish. For instance, if you’re interested in sports, don’t go straight to Adidas but tag small sportswear start-ups you might have already come across on Instagram. Even if you are not paid for tagging that brand, your post will put you in their radar.



Put Contact Info in the Bio


Every brand should see from your bio that you are becoming an influencer. This means your contacts should be provided. Insert your email address or your website plus a press kit in the bio. Ideally, you should have a blog or a website to showcase your versatility. A Press Page should be added to your website which will let brands get a closer look at your services. And once you start your collaborations with brands, don’t forget to add them to that page for other brands to see you have experience.


Pitch Paid Sponsorship


Who said that an influencer can’t approach a brand herself? Actually, there’s nothing wrong in that. If you use the right pitch, you’ll be able to foster your “influencer career” without waiting for brands to find you the first.

So, to find such brands yourself, start by examining which brands have already cooperated with influencers of your niche. Get a list and start contacting them by sending them an email with clearly outlined information on yourself: who you are, what achievements you have got, etc. You should also include such important data as your average engagement rate, the number of followers you have, etc. Explain why the brands should collaborate with you and how they will benefit. You can do all this either through a DM from Instagram or your email (the latter is more expedient as brands get hundreds of DMs daily and yours may get neglected).



Know What You Are Worth


Prior to starting the cooperation, always know how much you will demand from the brand. The standard rate starts at $10 for 1k followers. Depending on the number of likes you get per post, this amount may differ. Besides, as you grow, you will be able to charge more. When negotiating on the price, you may try to encourage brands to pay more.


So, these were the main steps you need to follow to have your posts sponsored on Instagram.