The Search feature of Instagram is a very powerful tool. It’s the same for social media as Google for the entire net. Through this feature, one can discover brands, hashtags, posts, and locations. Every brand should do their best in order to appear on the top of Instagram’s search results as this way more people will see the post while the chances that viewers will convert into followers significantly rise. InstaBF, a credible Instagram and IGTV provider is going to showcase you how you can do this through several tips. 



Use Keywords for Optimizing Your Name Field


The primary step toward making you easily discoverable on Instagram is optimizing your Gram name. The name field in the bio can be customized. Hence, you’d better change it to such words that will easily present your brand from the best side. Inserting keywords, you are likely to attract those Instagram users who are interested in those particular keywords. 



Keywords and Hashtags Will Optimize Your Bio


Similar to your Instagram name, your bio must be optimized with keywords and hashtags. Moreover, by adding clickable hashtags, you will not only have your account appear in the search results, but also be available for those who look for a certain hashtag. 

For instance, you have a health and beauty Instagram brand, make sure you have included both words in your bio’s first line. This way Instagram will know when it is to display your brand in the search results. 



Insert Location Tags on All Posts and Stories


A location tag significantly raises the chances of any post or Story to appear in the search results of the mentioned location. Those people who search for the location on the Search page will see yours on the top of the grid. This way your post is more likely to gather more views, followers and a higher engagement. 



Use Hashtags on Every Post


It’s already been mentioned how important location tags in posts are, but ordinary hashtags on all posts one by one are simply crucial. Post with at least one hashtag has shown up to 12.6% more engagement than those without any post. Once an Instagram users search a certain hashtag in the Search, he can meet your post both in the Top tab and the Tags tab. Since there’s a special hashtag button for Insta Stories, users can easily find them through the tags. This is especially convenient when you have a branded hashtag. 



Update Instagram Profiles with Physical Location


This point is suitable for those brands that have brick and mortar locations. Having a location tag for your business is an amazing way of driving attention to your store and attracting more followers on Instagram. When someone searches that particular location on Gram, they may come across particularly your posts in the Places tab. They will know both your Gram profile and IRL. 



Deal with Complementary Brands


Instagram is a visual platform. Besides, the special algorithm detects who you are, what you like and what Instagram profiles you engage with the most. Due to this information, Instagram can easily predict what Instagram profiles you would like to engage with. You can find them under the sections “Because You Follow” and “Suggested”. The same way, the more you engage with other brands in your niche, the higher the chances are your profile will be offered to other brands and their followers.