Agree that Instagram is a lot more fun when music is incorporated into it! And the music feature of this social network is not only a means to show off for ordinary users, but can also be a part of a great marketing campaign for brands. With this said, whether you are an ordinary user of a business owner on this social platform, it definitely makes sense to make use of the new Instagram music stickers. If the latter is yet not accessible for you, InstaBF, a service where you can get as many IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views as you like, will offer several other ways to add music to your Gram account.



Briefly about Instagram Music Stickers


InstaBF has already spoken about this amazing Instagram feature in one of its previous posts. Hence, here we shall be as brief as possible. The Music Stickers new feature is totally free of charge and designed for Stories. Gram itself offers an array of most different songs to anyone’s taste. Unfortunately, it is not available in the whole world. Therefore, if you can’t find it on your Instagram account, you’d better skip this part and pass directly to other ways of incorporating music to your “virtual self”!

So, once you want to add music to your Instagram Story with the music sticker, follow these simple rules:

  1. download the image you want to use as a Story;
  2. tap the smiley sticker on the right top corner;
  3. scroll down to the “Music” sticker;
  4. browse the offered songs (sorted into Moods, Popular, Genres category) or use the search icon to find the song you want;
  5. once you find what you searched for, tap it to add and click “Done”.



Other Means of Adding Music to Instagram


Another way to add quality music to your Instagram account thus increasing your brand awareness and boosting a rise in your engagement is making use of royalty-free music. This is the audio you can use for enriching your social media or website content. There are as totally free royalty-free music sites, so those that require a premium cost. As a rule, it’s worth the cost as they offer superior quality engaging music. So, let’s now have a look at our short golden list of royalty-free music sites.


Epidemic Sound

With a royalty-free license, Epidemic Sound site offers an impressive array of music from most diverse genres. Depending on the use, the price for a subscription differs. You can subscribe for a whole month (costs £10 per month) or make use of the single track licensing option.



YouTube Audio Library


The Audio Library of mega-popular YouTube is another service you can make use of. The greatest advantage of this option is that it’s possible to narrow down your search to any specific song you’d like. It provides a Free (public domain) and Creative Commons licenses.




Being a part of the StoryBlocks network, AudioBlocks offers quite a large selection of tracks including as music, so only sound effects and loops. In fact, there are over 100, 000 options available currently. Additionally, the prices here are quite affordable. The starting plan is worth $9 per month. Prices for other plans range up to $65 per month. The most expensive subscription cost set ($65 per month) allows the user to make use of the whole library of images, music, and video.