Have you noticed a decrease in Instagram Story views recently? Well, perhaps the vast majority of Instagrammers experience the same thing and it’s not for no reason. Actually, you may even benefit from that. How? Let’s find out this together here, on InstaBF’s blog. Besides finding out the reasons for such a “behavior” of Instagram, we shall also share with you several most working ways of increasing your Instagram Story views organically. 



What’s Behind the Decrease in Instagram Story Views


The influx of fake views on Stories was detected earlier this year. People, eager to increase their exposure on the social network and the growth of following apply to bot services. In order to crack down on such bots, Instagram is careful about every story view. At first sight, you may think this ruins your plans for developing your Instagram account, yet, in fact, it helps you detect who your genuine story viewers are. Fake bot views do not contribute to an account’s value. Moreover, fake engagement affects negatively on Instagram algorithm ranking. 

So, instead of using quick and easy means of boosting your Instagram stories, you’d better not get disheartened but tap into a genuine audience. Here are several useful tips to adhere to:



Adding Relevant Hashtags


One of the most working ways of increasing reach organically on Instagram is adding hashtags to stories. It’s possible to add up to ten hashtags on every Instagram Story one of which can be clickable. Just make certain they are relevant to your target audience. Before you add a hashtag to your Instagram story, think about the subject matter of the story, what your followers expect to see. It’s better not to use super-popular hashtags (those that have over 1million posts) as with so many posts under one hashtag, yours is likely to get buried. Accordingly, pay attention to those hashtags that get from 10k and 50k posts. 

Not to spoil the aesthetics of your Stories, you can make the font of the tags smaller (not too much or it will become illegible) or hide under a sticker or a GIF. 



Using Engagement-Driving Stickers


Most probably you know that the more engagement your post attracts – the sooner Instagram algorithm notices them. A working way of encouraging audience engagement is using Instagram Stories stickers with question stickers, emoji sliders and the poll in particular. The latter is very easy and fun to use while the feedback you get on your products or content through polls is genuine and reliable.  



Running an Influencer Takeover


If you are ready to get a step higher, invite an influencer for a takeover on your Gram Stories. This will be an effective way of boosting story views. The whole trick here lies in asking a partner (influencer, in this case) to share your story thus driving a new audience to it. Besides, this way you can bring a reliable external voice to your Instagram brand channel. It will be especially effective if you post a how-to guide or a product review.