Quite often you may come across cool videos on YouTube and wish to have them on your Instagram account yet have no idea how to make this out. Is such a situation familiar to you? All of us know that Instagram doesn’t allow adding YouTube URL links to any Insta accounts, so how to make such a post? Here, on the blog of InstaBF, we are going to give an answer right to this question. But before that, let’s recall how useful InstaBF can be in other ways. This is the service that can provide you with as many likes, comments, followers and views for your Instagram and IGTV accounts as you may need on quite beneficial conditions. 

So, for putting a YouTube video to your Instagram account, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Download the video from YouTube to your device or PC;
  • Convert and edit your video so that it meets Instagram’s requirements for videos;
  • Upload the ready video and post it to your account on Instagram


So, here we are going to showcase two easiest ways of downloading YouTube videos to your Insta accounts irrespective of your smartphone operating system. 



Method One


Using an online YouTube downloader, you will be able to download videos from this website and convert them into Instagram supported ones right on your smartphone. The advantage of this method is its quickness. However, it’s not a stable method since this website is prone to crashing periodically. 

One of such downloading applications is GramKeep. The latter was created just to convert videos to Instagram. 

So, suppose you want to make use of this method. How to do that?

  • Go to gramkeep.com website;
  • Copy and paste the link to your preferred video on a blank page;
  • Choose your preferred video and tap the “download” button;
  • Once it is downloaded to our gadget upload it to Instagram.


By the way, reposting videos on Instagram isn’t a straightforward thing, either. As this social media platform doesn’t allow direct sharing, a third-party application must be used for the purpose. 



Method Two


The second method of uploading a YouTube video to your Instagram account is much more reliable. It implies the use of third-party applications. Since this social media platform hasn’t yet suggested any solution of its own concerning taking clips directly from YouTube, making use of other apps is expedient yet. For instance, Tube 2 Gram is an application created right for this purpose. It takes videos from YouTube and uploads them to Instagram. 

Another useful application is FonePaw Screen Recorder. The latter, unlike many other YouTube downloaders, doesn’t often go down in the process of recording. It’s impressively well-working. To use it, you will need:

  • to find a good YouTube video;
  • open the application and set up the volume, hotkeys, webcamera, the output format, recording region, etc.;
  • start recording your video. Besides, during the process, you can add an annotation to your video, and set up the length for the record;
  • pause the recording and preview what you’ve shot. In case it’s OK, save the video to your PC or post straight to your Instagram account.