As a responsible Instagram marketer (or an ordinary user), you must be knowing that the future of Instagram belongs to the Stories feature. The latter is an ideal tool for getting feedback from your target audience and become super popular on this social network. Do you wonder how you can get even more views on your Instagram Stories? Find the answer straight away on one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV provider InstaBF’s blog. 



The Algorithm Instagram Uses on Stories


The same principle works on both Stories feed and regular feed. The algorithm evaluates the following points:

  • What type of content you prefer (watch and like);
  • How relevant the publications are;
  • In what relationships you are with the author of this or that post (this includes how often you like and comment on his posts, visit his account, etc.).

Additionally, the more active a user is the more likely his Stories will appear on the front of his friends’ Stories list. So, how can you use all this in the benefit of your marketing campaign? Let’s find out the best ways of creating Instagram Stories that will bring you many views.



How to Increase Your Story Views


  1. Post exciting stuff – It’s better to have fewer Stories yet quality ones instead of filling the whole place with poor-quality content that will be quickly scrolled through. 
  2. Make regular but not too frequent stories – When you post too many stories that fill the Stories line with dots (more than ten), it scares people. Generally, people aren’t expected to spend much time on your stories since this is a “consumed content” type of format. From 4 to 6 stories per day will be ideal.
  3. Add geolocations and hashtags to your stories – These are the pillars of fast promotion. Just make certain the tags are relevant. Not to waste time on searching new tags every day, make use of a hashtag generator. 
  4. Use all the perks that Instagram offers – You must have noticed that everything new is quickly perceived on Instagram. Hence, post palls and chat stickers, sliders, and quests, etc. 
  5. Save the most important stories in the highlights – This way people will still have a chance to review them and your views will go on growing. 
  6. Go live on Instagram – Organizing live broadcasts you will easily remind your followers about yourself since your broadcasting immediately appears in the front of their whole Stories list. However, remember not to overdo with live videos as too frequent notifications may repel people and they’ll unfollow you.
  7. Watch other Instagrammers’ stories – Most probably you know that mutual interest is a powerful driving force on this social network. The way you approach people on Insta (likes, comments, views) will turn to you.
  8. Get a business account to analyze the efficiency of your stories – Keeping track of which topics and story formats bring you the most views will help you appear even more entertaining on this platform. 
  9. Make your Instagram page “home” for your followers – Quality is much more significant than pure quantity. Having a hundred-thousandth audience only a thousand of which are active won’t be as efficient as having only three thousand ones following you half of which are active on your page. Agree that a return of 50% is much more beneficial than 1%!