Instagram is considered to be not only the most famous photo sharing application, but also highly-targeted visual advertising channel. It can’t also be emphasized enough that it is a prime channel to build your  own brand.

This article is useful for those who wants to:

  • increase product sales
  • increase brand awareness
  • engage new followers
  • develop business on Instagram

It’s worth mentioning that this information may be used by both an advanced user and a beginner.

Strategy to get more followers on Instagram

Creating your own strategy is one of the plenty steps you need to take,but, without any doubt, is the most essential one. It means that you need to formulate and then organize your tactic that will eventually deliver results. It’s important to clearly visualize your targets and think about smart ways to gain success. Think over your content strategy that should include answers on the following questions “how often are you planning to post and at what time?”, “What are the main content themes?”. It helps a lot if you establish content calendar and understand what has and what has not worked for you before. Making your own way is, certainly, very good, but it never hurts if you study your opponents – there is always something you may learn from them.


Visual presentation is the trump card you always have in your hands. The point is to use it wisely. And in this part of the article we are going to touch upon to extremely useful tactics:

  • Using of the right filters
  • Using of the right hashtags

Hashtagging is an amazing tool that helps you to engage the audience at once. It’s surprising that it can be of such a great help if you pay enough attention to the hashtags you use and choose the most relevant ones. As we have already mentioned it before – creating your own strategy includes the part when you analyze your work  and set the so-called “hierarchy of priorities”, where you focus on the most powerful and successful tools,  and hashtagging is a key element that leads to long-term engagement of new followers and, most importantly, to sales growth. The thing is that a person who looks for specific terms is likely to use hashtags to reach his goal – and this is actually how he may find your profile. Make your own study and find out the most popular key hashtags that are closely related to your brand and watch the likes and followers roll in, building you own audience.


Don’t underestimate filters and its influence on the audience.  According to the statics the close link between filters and the reaction of the followers does exist. In other words, it’s true that Instagram community responds to a certain group of filters much better. So, one may conclude that photo filters have significant impact on your engagement of new customers. Using filters is a great opportunity to establish a visual style of your profile and to create recognizable brand identity. Why does it play such a big role? Because it concerns the problem of the first impression and its physiological influence – you have only one chance to make a good first impression, that’s why it is so important to pay attention even to such tiny details. There are dozens of articles with the statics of popularity of certain filters. Study the information and choose what suits you best.


Posting at the right time is even more crucial than you think. An elaborate analysis of your posting history can make bear fruit you don’t even expect. We advise you to highlight the best times of the day to post according to your statics and post everyday for quick results that you will enjoy sooner. Optimized posting process saves you tons of time and efforts and makes it easier to expose your brand to wider audience.