In one of its latest posts, InstaBF, one of the outstanding Instagram and IGTV providers, spoke about the importance of making Instagram posts at peak times. As it turned out, this will boost more engagement, and consequently, more profit if you are a Gram marketer. But which are your best personal times to post on Instagram? How can you get the most out of the best times detected? This is what we are going to reveal today!



How to Find Your Personal Best Time for Instagram Posting


First of all, make sure your profile is set as a business account. This way you will get an access to so-useful analytics feature insights. The latter will give so crucial information on all the important stuff a business profile owner should know. This may be some general information about the followers you have, the engagement your posts have, etc. Now pass to the Followers section in the insights, and tap “learn more”. A full page of information about all our followers will be displayed to your attention. Pass by the gender, age, top locations and pay special attention to the visual graphics that show the days and times at which your followers are active the most.

This will indicate the peak times at which posting will be more expedient. Using this information, start your tests and see if your new strategy works for you. You can learn this by tracking the engagement from post to post.



What to Do if You Have a Diverse Audience

Most businesses today are targeted at different audiences as local so foreign. Obviously, they live in different time zones. What are you supposed to do in such a case? Let’s find the answer together.

First of all, the analytics will look somewhat muddled with no distinct peal posting times like you have with more localized audiences. No dramatic rises and falls can be observed here and that’s a problem. If you have faced such a case, there are several options to consider.

  • Stagger the posts so that you reach different audiences. For instance, if a part of your target audience is online at 6 PM while another part is online around 10 in the morning, get ready to post at both times. You will have to prepare original and engaging content each time.


  • Tailor your timing to the most valuable audience you have. If you have certain theories what the greatest part of your profitable clients are online at a certain time, pick up the right time to maximally reach particularly them. This will increase the likelihood of conversions and sales.


  • If you have noticed your posts get higher engagement rates at particular hours, don’t lose that time. Concentrate majorly on those hours, as those high engagement rates will increase your posts’ lifespans.