Whether a small business on Instagram looks attractive to other businesses is a matter that interests perhaps all business owners on this social platform. This refers especially to those who work with the B2B market. In fact, it’s difficult to attract and retain customers within this sphere. If you can ask your ordinary customers for their feedback, measuring the satisfaction of B2B consumers won’t be that simple. Therefore, B2B is considered a much more complicated audience as compared with B2C. And if you have worked out a strategy that helps you market with consumers effectively, that will hardly work with catching B2B customers’ attention. So, if your business implies dealing with others on Instagram yet you aren’t sure how to do that professionally, InstaBF is going to share some key tips to ace the B2B market! InstaBF is a leading provider of Instagram and already IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. We work fast, professionally and affordable.



Be Simple


Businesses are constantly busy and certainly don’t have much time to dig into the difficult concepts offered by other businesses. Therefore, if your business is targeted at other businesses, make sure your company is presented with clean and straightforward words, the imagery is accurate. The same refers to the presentation of your services and products. Specialists in the industry advise tripping the business to the absolute basics without overwhelming the company or the market with a too wide range of choices at once.

The web design is also recommended to be minimalistic and sleek. By entering it, a customer mustn’t be confused with either the long history of the company (this must have a separate part in the drop-down menu) nor the variety of choices. Use the same aesthetics for your Instagram account.



Better Show than Tell


We are sure you already know that a good picture is worth a thousands of words. Hence, it’s better to showcase your service or product targeted at B2B customers in action than describe it in details. If you can add a video with the explanation of the services or products you offer, that will be simply amazing! Make certain your Instagram feed is filled with quality images and videos showcasing the benefits of your business.



Win Trust


Using your existing consumers, you can win the trust of potential ones. For this, post testimonials left by the businesses you cooperated with on the website of your company just as in the Stories on your Instagram account. Besides, if your business type allows that, you could offer a free trial. With this, you deliver such a message to your potential B2B customers as “I believe in my offer”.

Another step toward appearing trustworthy to your B2B customers is being approachable 24/7. Besides the standard telephone or email contact forms, make sure you have a live chat on your website. Don’t forget to mention that in the Bio of your Instagram business account.

It will be also wise to run a blog with posts that can help your customers solve the common issues related to your industry.



Be Personal


B2B customers are not bots, they are humans. To attract more customers, share some personal experiences or stories behind the scene to your audience. As a platform, you can choose Instagram captions. Telling your target audience how hard you worked for achieving a success (or at least founding the company you have if its’ new) and how proud you are to have overcome all obstacles, you will show your personality and gain the trust of potential B2B customers.