Can you guess at the first try what has enough power to break or make your Instagram marketing strategy? Sure, it’s the all-mighty Instagram algorithm! And if you, like the vast majority of Instagram users, can’t make out how this algorithm works, today is going to be the great disclosure!

Until the last few days, nobody had any idea how the Gram’s algorithm chose how to display posts in the feed. Even though there are tricks how to make your post appear in the top and InstaBF, a reliable Instagram provider has already talked about a couple, it’s only now that we can tell for sure the three crucial criteria the Instagram algorithm is based on.



The Interest Level


There can be no denial that Instagram’s algorithm is a smart thing. It can predict particularly what posts may interest the user based on his previous behavior. This means that if an Insta user viewed your business’ or personally your posts, chances are high he will want to see more. This way it brings your new posts to the top of that user’s feed.

Additionally, Instagram determines the interest basing on the engagement with identical content and the potential machine vision analyzing every post. Consequently, as InstaBF has already told you multiple times, you need to post only quality and relevant content to work “His Majesty” algorithm in your favor!





Instagram makes bets on the “now” factor thus allowing communities to connect and share with their current special things! One shouldn’t be a genius now to understand that Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes new posts to older ones. Recency is another clue to being noticed by Instagram. Therefore, so that your business strategy on this social media works, producing premium-quality content at regular intervals is a must.



Relationships between Users


Besides the two above-mentioned aspects, Instagram’s algorithm also pays great attention to the relationships established between different accounts. For instance, if your business account is “close” with a certain user, you have high chances for more displays. Therefore, don’t disregard tagging and hashtagging, as well as reposting and generating posts as they will help you appear in more friendly relationships with your followers in the algorithm’s eyes.



Other Factors to Take Into Account


Even though we referred to the three major aspects that can affect the Instagram algorithm, there are also several other points worth consideration.

Instagram counts how many times you open the application, and then the algorithm relates it to the number of times you post per week or day. Hence, if there is much to say, opt for the Stories rather than ordinary posts.

Both every Insta user and the usage patterns are different. If a certain user opens the app a couple of times a day for around ten to twenty minutes, there are also others who check in every now and then for several seconds. Based on this pattern, Insta’s algorithm decides a specific way to show the content on every individual’s feed.


So, these were the key factors that can help you find a way to be noticed by the Instagram algorithm. With all this said, we only ought to add “create amazing content, keep Instagram cool and your efforts will be repaid”!