Have you ever wondered how Instagram ranks those who view your Stories or what that order could mean? Some people think the accounts viewing the Story first appear on the top, while others are sure those who view the story more, are ranked the first. In fact, neither is true. Would you like to find the answer to this little question hidden somewhere in the depths of your mind? InstaBF, the service who is always ready to provide likes, comments, views and followers for your Instagram and IGTV accounts, is going to clarify this matter right in this post!



How Instagram Ranks Your Story Viewers


It’s a pity, but if you see someone on the top of the list who has watched your recent Story, it doesn’t mean that person has viewed your Story multiple times. In fact, Instagram never reveals the number of views per user. As stated by the product lead for Instagram Home Julia Gutman, Instagram decides which users must appear on the top of your Instagram Story viewers based on who you interact with the most. By no means accept this the other way around. This is to do more with your activity and not your followers’. The reason for this is explained this way, “Instagram thinks you would like to first find out whether the people you care about have watched your Stories or not”. Accordingly, the algorithm, ranking Instagram Stories’ viewers, works depending on your activity and the people you feel closest to on Instagram.

If the things are this way, then why every time you check in to see who has watched your Story you can see a different list? This is explained by the two factors that Instagram algorithm bases those lists on. We have already addressed to the first factor – your interaction with other accounts. The second factor, meanwhile, is how often you check in to see that list. If you check it multiple times during the day, Instagram tries to show you a new set of people – perhaps you are expecting someone else to view your story?

So, now you have a complete answer to your question and know how Instagram determines particularly which accounts are to appear on the top of your Story viewers’ list. Yet, another question may arise from this – how does Instagram algorithm know who you are engaging with the most?



User Interaction in Instagram Algorithm’s Understanding


At the beginning of this year, Instagram, at last, revealed how its algorithm works and InstaBF has already addressed to it. In fact, all that this algorithm does is helping you to see the content by those users who are closest to you (family and friends). Besides, this algorithm predicts which posts might be the most important to you based on such key factors as interest, timeliness, and relationship.

And now we shall convey another trick of the algorithm – what it understands by saying “a user’s interaction”. Such simple actions as visiting the profile of an account, making comments on feed posts and watching the account’s Stories build up Instagram interaction. So, the person you are interested in the most and keep on following every step made on Instagram will appear on the top of your Story viewers once he sees it.

There is also another factor that may affect the Story Viewers’ list, which is a theory yet. As Facebook is Instagram’s parent company, your interactions with Facebook users may influence the Insta Stories Viewers’ list, too. However, this is yet nor proved, while all the stuff you read above is pure facts!