One admires Instagram’s unique ability to connect the entire world through its immersive imagery and video content. And particularly that amazing ability was not underestimated by brands and advertisers. Multiple small and big brands nowadays choose Instagram for inspiring action and sharing their unique stories. The visual nature of this social network allows fans of different brands and products share their passions and create firm and mutually-interested relationships. This refers to auto enthusiasts and vehicle shoppers, too. And as Enrico Hanisch, the digital strategist of Audi company mentioned, Instagram is the perfect platform for automotive content nowadays. So, as you have already guessed, InstaBF’s today topic is about the action inspiring of the industry-leading auto brands on Instagram. InstaBF is ready to provide its visitors and clients with different packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. Be certain, here you will significantly increase your Instagram engagement on an affordable basis.



Connecting Instagrammers from all Drives of Life


Auto brands used television and printing advertisements to showcase their vehicle models and encourage people to buy vehicles. This same experience was entirely re-imagined and given a fresh approach to when moved to Instagram. Instagram Stories, feed or live make it possible for auto brands to connect their target audience, while auto fans can share videos or photos from their unforgettable experiences on the roads, find the perfect car to purchase or get recommendations from other car owners. Regardless of the roads or demographics, the car is targeted at, Instagram allows auto brands and advertisers to reach people from any drive of life!



Sharing the Road and the Love to Cars


Instagram offers multiple dedicated hashtags that car lovers can use for connecting with each other and sharing their passion for cars. If you are one of such, too, use #carswithoutlimits, #carsofinstagram or simply #carlifestyle to find posts by car enthusiasts or share yours. The same tags, by the way, are used by popular brands to create inspiration. Quite often you can find marvelous posts by popular influencers among them. Surely, these are advertisements, but how amazing they are! Here you can find real drivers who share their practice and knowledge in cars, auto collectors who know subtleties in diverse models’ styles, or simply those who post photos of their dream rides! Understanding the all those types auto-fans on this social network, auto brands manage to tailor effective advertisements. And no matter if a certain content on Insta Stories is an organic one or was paid for, it hits its target.



Getting in Gear with Videos


What can help communities to thrive if not Instagram Stories?! Videos posted by auto communities and brands in Stories are especially effective. The key is that people have started to prioritize video content to imagery and written text. And by the end of this decade, it’s estimated that three-fourths of mobile data traffic will be video content. And as videos play an enormous role in advertising products, auto brands have started creating more video Stories and posts than before.