Videos and especially live videos are the hot points in social media space. In fact, they help brands attain personality and connect with their audience. This way businesses can build trust and brand awareness, appear more reachable to their followers and customers. And if you are a brand that has a big Instagram audience, you will find the following types of collaborations greatly helpful. Actually, becoming a part of live video is big fun! One of the most notable Instagram and IGTV providers InstaBF is always ready to support you with credible recommendations. So, switch on a live video and find out how your Instagram account can benefit from it!


Q&A or Interviews


Perhaps the simplest way to start your Instagram Live collaborations is organizing a Q&A session or an interview. The invited person can be anyone concerned with your brand or who would interest your followers. For the start, you can invite an Instagram influencer or a known personality from your brand niche. It will also be great to directly ask your followers who they would like to see interviewed live on your account. If possible, always strive to organize that.

Q&A’s can also be led directly with your audience. Most probably your followers have tons of questions related to your brand and they would like to get sincere answers to them. This type of live Instagram collaboration can add value to your relationships and give an extra reason to keep on following you.



“How To” Sessions or Webinars


A really working way of growing your audience on Instagram (as well as any other social network) is collaborating with other experts from the same industry in order to create quality content. Conduct a joint teaching session or otherwise called webinar around a specific topic. This can be in a demonstration form. Quite a good idea is to invite an influencer or one of your real followers to walk him/her through how to use your service or product and show that to the rest watching the live video.






Announcements by their favorite brands are what Instagram users always eager to see. And using Instagram live video format is a great idea! Announce about releasing a new product line, collaborating with another brand, or organizing a grandiose event. Any live announcement will appear in the center of your followers’ attention.





Contests have been a working means of growing audience on Instagram since their creation. Combining this feature with live videos for Live collaborations, you can achieve fantastic results! This will be a really fun twist for your followers. Get a game show format contest where your followers will participate in the broadcast and win prizes for correct answers. Your account will get a personality, while your audience will be greatly delighted!


These were the major types of Live collaborations you can conduct on Instagram and increase your brand awareness. And here are several tips you should remember while experimenting on any:

  • Get a precise plan
  • Be intentional
  • Examine influencers before including them in the project
  • Enjoy what you do!