2018 Winter Olympic Games have been keeping the world in a festive tension since the 9th of February. And this brought forward a funny fight between different social networks including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and, of course, Instagram. And even if the first three are getting filled with new photos of sportsmen and the most important events of the Games on a daily basis, none of them can be compared with the success Instagram Stories are enjoying at the current time period. Thousands, if not millions of new photos and videos are added to Insta stories constantly attracting more and more followers.

It’s noteworthy that if 2014 Winter Olympics was the Twitter Olympics, and 2016 was epic for Snapchat, the gold of 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang goes to Instagram!

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Versatility of Instagram Stories in Olympics

According to Georgia Sapounas (Canadian Olympic Committee digital director), Instagram’s Stories are the best way of capturing the excitement and atmosphere of Olympics without appearing boring. The Stories function is versatile and very easy to use with the opportunity to share videos that won’t stay longer than a day. And this is a great means to follow your favorite sportsman’s days in Olympics. For instance, if you are Shaun White’s fan, you are sure to be following all his achievements in Olympics as this three-time Olympic gold medalist sportsman started sharing with his experiences about the Games right from the moment he started his journey to Pyeongchang in the plane. Every day he shares every important (and maybe not so) moment of his arrival in Olympics. He speaks directly to his fans, shared his experiences and the emotions when he got his third gold medal! And all this was possible due to Instagram Stories feature. Additionally, along with his gold medal, Shaun hit his 1 million followers’ barrier!

If you follow the popular food blogger Tieghan Gerard and her marvelous meal recipes, you must have noticed her sharing wonderful moments right from the Olympics. Her younger brother Red Gerard is participating in the games, and Tieghan has managed to share every amazing moment form their arrival to Pyeongchang to Red’ gold medal run! By the way, after this, Red gained not less not more than 200 000 new followers!

According to Sapounas, the entire committee immensely benefited from Instagram Stories this year, as this feature took the Canadian delegation to the center stage, what can’t be said about Summer Olympics in Rio 2016.