Most probably there have been cases when you wanted to share an Instagram Story only with a couple of your followers of IRL friends but didn’t know how to. Now, with Instagram’s Close Friends list, this has become so convenient! In fact, this feature is among the most practical and useful ones this social network has. It allows handpicking only a group of followers or friends and to share your Gram Stories with them, while no other Gram user can see it. Now you can be selective with who can watch your daily shares and who not. If this feature is new to you, let InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider present to your attention this feature in details. Be certain, you and your brand can highly benefit from Close Friends list.



What Is It?


As we have already stated, this feature makes it possible to change the way you use Instagram. Instagram Stories are a means of expressing the best about your brand, sharing your everyday moments. However, once your Gram community has grown, there might be some Stories you’d like to keep only for your closest friends and real acquaintances.

The Close Friends list can be created and added whenever you need to without any participant in it knowing about his/her presence or absence in the list. Like with ordinary Stories, those designed for chosen people will be available for only 24 hours. The difference is that when you create a Story for your Close Friends list, a green circle will round your profile picture. Only you and those who have the right to see your current Story can see that green signifying circle. Other followers not included in the list will neither see the green circle nor learn about any new Story.

Just the same way, once you are in someone’s Close Friends list, his private posts will stand out among other due to the green circle.



How You Can Create a Close Friends List


So, if you want to appear more private with only some of your followers with the help or your Close Friends list, learn how you can create it right now:

  •    Get to your profile page and tap the three lines on the right top
  •    Choose Close Friends
  •    Tap “Add” next to the names of all those Instagram users you want to be included in the list (you can also tap “search” to look for new friends)
  •    After all the necessary people are added to the list, tap “Done.


Remember that this list isn’t final and it can be changed anytime you wish. Besides, no one will ever be notified about being added or removed from your Close Friends list.



Sharing Stories with Close Friends


Now, when your Close Friends list is ready, it’s time to share your first Story with them. This is as easy as making an ordinary Story. Take a photo, video or upload a ready one right from your smartphone, add any GIF, Stocker or Poll you want and once the Story seems to be ready to be posted, click Close Friends in the left lower corner. The Story will be shared only with the users included in your list.  



How Your Brand Will Benefit from Close Friends List


Even though the Close Friends list feature might be available to you for already a while, it has actually been released worldwide recently. How can you use it for the benefit of your brand? In case your brand works closely with some Gram influencers or collaborators for Gram campaigns, you may need to create a list to include only them. This way you may share posts that might interest them yet be not designed for your followers.

Just the same way, if you are a fitness trainer, for instance, you may want to share some tips or recommendations dedicated only for some of your followers (who are your customers in real life, for instance). As clients, they will see the information posted for them, while all your other followers won’t even learn it was published.