In several days, thousands if not millions of people will appear in front of the showcases of shops or the screens of their smartphones making profitable purchases, most of which they may even not need! That’s what we call the Black Friday and it’s already not far off! Last year alone over 130 million Instagram users joined conversations about the best Black Friday deals you can imagine how many brands benefited from this whole hustle and bustle. Hence, this year too, it’s already time to think of your brand’s Black Friday optimization so that you can have your own piece of pie from this tremendous opportunity of selling goods.

Especially for you, InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider of the market, is here to share several amazing tips to get you started for the big upcoming Black Friday!



Start Your Marketing Earlier and End Later


Creating a buzz among your followers a couple of days before the actual event is important. Plan your content calendar beforehand, this can be a sneak peek of what offers you will present to your customers’ attention on this great day. This way they will be prepped and ready to shop your sale in the due time. But make sure you have kept the best part right for the event – reveal your grandiose offer the moment the Black Friday starts!



Create Custom Hashtags for Your Black Friday


Last year, more than six million posts were tagged with #blackfriday hashtag, and this number is sure to significantly rise this year. So that your posts devoted to Black Friday don’t get lost in such an abundance of posts, create a hashtag particularly for your brand. This way your followers will find everything they need about your brand and offers related to this event.



Vertical Videos Will Engage Your Followers


Did you know that every third mobile shopper in the States acquires videos as the best means of discovering a brand’s new products? Therefore, try incorporating vertical videos into your Black Friday marketing strategy. Create a video and post in your IGTV channel and make a Story on your Instagram account. This can be a behind-the-scenes video or a teaser of your new great sale.



Get More Hands and Eyes for Customer Comments and DMs


Last year, on the Black Friday, brands were bombarded with over 13 million online transactions! This is a really huge number which is expected to be even bitten this year. Get prepared beforehand, have a larger social team to manage all the DMs and questions you are sure to get on that overloaded day. Once you ensure your followers with a smooth journey throughout your brand and products your sales will register a tremendous boost! To make it easier, create a library of go-to replies and use them for the most common questions.



Don’t Forget about Gift Guides


It’s been counted that over 30% of all annual sales take place, particularly between the Black Friday and Christmas. Depending on the brand, this rate may be even higher. For instance, jewelry brands earn even more during this time period. And this is high time to use shoppable posts for creating gift guides. This feature allows brands to use tags and create fantastic Instagram Stories posts. Just for this reason, it will be wise to create gift guides for this Black Friday through carousel posts.