And now we are back with our ten crucial steps that will help you significantly increase the number of your Instagram followers entirely free of charge! Amazing, isn’t it? However, InstaBF, the leading provider of Instagram likes, comments, and followers, would like to remind you that for achieving the scale of followers you have set for free, you need to be patient and hardworking.

So, let’s go ahead:


Paving Your Way to the Top Posts Area


Depending on the post engagement and how fast the post gets it, Instagram’s algorithm may place your post in the list of top posts. And if you can succeed in this, be certain that you will significantly expand your reach and obtain even more followers. How to do this? Let’s find out together. In fact, there is a little trick you can use. Once you publish a photo/video, spend around half an hour liking and commenting on other posts with the same hashtags that you used. Most likely, the same users will react and like or comment back on your latest post, thus raising the chances of your post to appear in the top. Anyway, remember that your posts in all cases should be quality expressing authentic pictures, valuable advice, meaningful quotes, or unique details of work processes.

Tagging Famous Brands

The next step you need to undertake for increasing the spectrum of your followers is tagging popular brands let that be a cafe, a shop, a tourist sight, etc. Once those users who follow that brand check the page, they will see your page tagged, too. Chances are high that they will get interested and follow you. Only make sure your tagging is relevant. For instance, if you visited a sight tag it in your photo. If you have dined in the trendy coffee shop, tag it. Just the same way, you can tag a cosmetics or clothes brand, once you use the brand’s production.


Creating Guest Posts


One of the most effective promotion methods is exchanging posts with other Insta users that target the same audience as you do. Therefore, making a deal with a couple of relevant Instagram accounts on a free and beneficial promotion is definitely a good step. For instance, you can make a post about an interesting blog of an influencer, and he/she, in turn, can mention about your brand. Both of you will benefit to the same extent while not paying a penny. However, such guest posts deals are made with relatively less known influencers, as those with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers usually, charge for every brand post they make.

So, being open for new online acquaintances is a must in running an efficient Instagram campaign.


Attending InstaMeets

InstaMeets are intended to move online acquaintances into reality. They allow Instagrammers with similar tastes meet in person with each other, explore a new city together and take lots of photos!  In fact, InstaMeets are organized anytime and anywhere. Such an event can become a real opportunity to get to know your followers in person, as well as obtain new ones. Just check out whether there are InstaMeets in your city. And if there isn’t any, be the one to organize it.


Setting New Instagram Challenges


An Instagram challenge is a win-win way of exciting, intriguing and attracting a new audience on the social media. And what makes it so beneficial, is that it requires absolutely no money! All that you need is to brainstorm to come up with a unique idea which will be not only a great fun to implement but which is also close to your account theme.


Commenting on Instagram Celebrities’ Posts

It’s definitely worth to check out comments left on popular Instagrammers’ posts. These can be as celebrities, so popular brands, restaurants, coffee shops, and even vacation destinations. Join conversations with meaningful comments, express your expert opinions distinctly, give advice and expect other participants of the same conversation check into your account and follow it. To detect the biggest profiles, you’d better search for thematic keywords. Concentrate on the first-coming up leading accounts.