Instagram has recently introduced the golden ticket to creating an engaged Instagram community – the Stories Chat Sticker. With the help of the latter, you can start real conversations with exceptionally real Instagram users – no bots are allowed! These human group chats will help you gain more followers and boost your brand awareness. Additionally, giving you the power to choose who joins your chat or what the chat should be about, Instagram makes it easier to convert viewers to engaged followers and then customers. So that you start using this amazing new feature, we have picked up four most strategic ways for your business! Keep up with InstaBF to learn even more about benefiting from Instagram!



Invite Local Customers to IRL Events


If you are going to have a special in-store event or a conference, it’s easy to bring the community together with Instagram Stories chat sticker. If there are any burning questions related to the event, you can answer them beforehand right during the chat. Using this new feature on this purpose is highly beneficial, as you bring those people together who not only enjoy your brand but who also share the same location. So, you build up a mini-community without even pushing your service of product around a specific location. 

And do not forget to introduce yourself in the chat as people should know they are dealing with a real human behind the brand’s chat. 



Get Customer Feedback and Insights


Another wonderful means of using Instagram Stories chat sticker is hosting a group for sincere customer feedback. Here you have a chance to choose up to 31 people who can join the chat. If you want to keep it small, pick up only half a dozen followers and get their insights about your brand. By the way, this way you may crowdsource ideas which might be highly useful for brand’s promotion. 

If you want to reach out to only a specific group of followers, give specific topics for questions and conversation. Check their profiles before adding them to the group chat to get ensured they fit your chat topic. 



Share Exclusive Info or a Promo Code 


Every marketer’s purpose is to convert their followers into shoppers. And if you have such an aim, too, use Instagram Stories chat sticker. Invite followers to participate in your exclusive chat where you will make a striking brand announcement or share special shopping promo code. This way you will create a sense of exclusivity and give back to your most engaged users. Still, you can set some limits on the promo code (within a certain time frame, once per customer, etc.). To make this work, add a time limit on joining the chat and mention that you’ll be sharing a promo code to give the stories a shade of urgency and make your followers act promptly. 



Target an Ultra-Niche Group of Users


By inviting only some of your followers to take part in your Stories chat, you can share some peculiar posts you don’t want many people to see. For this, create a Close Friends list and share an Instagram story with a chat sticker inviting them. For instance, if there are Instagram influencers following your brand, create a Stories chat to invite them to be a part of your ambassador program. Here you can chat with all of them on your conditions without ordinary users learning about it.