Trying to gain followers on Instagram without the use of hashtags is a lost game. These simple small tools are inseparable in categorizing posts so that Insta users with respective interests can find you. In fact, you can accept hashtags as a roadmap to your content. Nevertheless, it’s far not always easy to pick up the right hashtags for achieving success. Therefore, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF would like to address the matter of hashtags this time. Together we shall learn how to find the best hashtags and use them strategically. So, with this said, let’s get to work!



Search on Instagram


You can’t but know about the Instagram integrated search bar Explore. By typing the necessary keyword and choosing the “tags”, you will be provided with a list of hashtags that all include your relevant keyword. By studying the results and the posts they are used for tagging, you will determine which of them are overused and which can still bring you the desired results. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, as errors can help you figure out what works for your brand and what not. Spend some time generating potential keywords relevant to your audience and brand.  


Try Related Hashtags


It’s funny but nowadays it is already possible to follow certain hashtags on Instagram. Yes, you heard it correctly! Check out the hashtags that have IG accounts devoted to, and find people to engage with there. Besides, as long as you are on a certain hashtag’s page, bother to have a look at the list of related hashtags (on the top of the page). The latter is a real goldmine of potential working hashtags to try out.



Check Out Your Competition


Concentrating only on your account and forgetting your competitors can be a fatal mistake! Make sure you are always aware of what others in the same niche as you are doing. Visit their profiles, review what hashtags they use the most. You may find that using the same hashtags might appear beneficial for you, too. Besides, by looking to Instagram influencers posting about things relevant to your brand, you can get some really working hashtag inspiration.



Look Back for Past Successes


Why search elsewhere if you can find working hashtags right in your account?! Just check out those posts you have made which performed the best and brought you the highest engagement. Whatever hashtags you used, you can reuse them now, when you are in need of relevant and resourceful hashtags.

However, when you reach this step, be cautious to use only those tags from your past, which can be actual today, too. Otherwise, you risk losing followers who might feel deceived.



Create New Brand Hashtags  


Who said that you have to use only existing and widely used hashtags?! You can always make up your own ones that will fit your brand specifically. A hashtag related to your original product/service may find traction as Insta users will discover it.

Additionally, giveaways, contests, influencer campaigns may all be marked with unique tags. And if this step won’t bring you new followers quickly, all of them, however, will be genuinely interested in your brand and offers. Agree that it’s worth a try!