A content plan for Instagram is a highly powerful tool in determining whether you can achieve a success on this social platform or not. In fact, it makes the difference between Gram accounts that convert sales and those that only bring multiple likes. But don’t be frightened, as creating a winning Instagram content plant isn’t a painful or laborious task. All that you need is to approach the task with responsibility, devotion and a clear mind. Another thing you need to do is to adhere to the step-by-step guide we’ve prepared for you here, at InstaBF. This is the service you can rely on whenever you need likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram or IGTV account. Ready to be enlightened? Let’s start it!



Clarifying the Lifestyle You Sell


Prior to creating a content plan, clarify the lifestyle that you sell through your Insta grid. For instance, if you want your target audience to dream of wearing the same sexy bikinis you have on sale, you’d better offer them through images of travel inspiration. You can also share packing tips, photos of the most fashionable resorts around the world, as well as the best wanderlust quote you can find!

On the hand, in case your followers are mostly homebodies who love to spend their time in their cozy comfortable houses and you offer stylish decor items, share home inspiration, the trendiest designs, as well as your happy customers and their stories that lie behind the homewares you’ve crafted so accurately!

In these both and all other cases, there is a Golden Rule you ought to remember if you are a business owner on Instagram. This rule is “People don’t buy what you sell, they buy who they can become when they have your products”!



Get an Efficient Planning Tool


Now, when you thoroughly understand your customers and their “secret dreams”, you need to get yourself a planning tool that will help you create a content plan you will love to follow. This can be a scheduling tool that will help you plan everything beforehand and see what your feed will look like for the upcoming week or even month!



Creating the Content Themes


It’s significant to think of a good content theme that can get results. If you can’t think of such, we have some recommendations:

  • behind-the-scenes
  • inspiration
  • products
  • quotes
  • education
  • testimonial
  • community


Surely, this list is incomplete and if your niche is recipes, for instance, go courageously ahead and us it!  



Selecting a Posting Schedule


Whether you post on Instagram once a week, twice a week or every day, make certain you do it on a consistent basis. Only this way you can create firm relationships with your audience. Just imagine the disappointment of an Insta user who has found an account with cool content but hasn’t turned up for weeks!

What concerns the best time for posting on Instagram, we have already referred to that subject here on InstaBF.



Using Seasonal Offers and Promotions


If you have something festive, new, fun, and exciting you’d like to share with your followers, make certain you have secluded a special place for it on your content plan. Once you sit to make a plan, check out the internet to find out whether there are appropriate days for such content in the near future. Here are a couple of the funniest days to use:

  • World Dream Day on the 25th of September
  • International Coffee Day on the 1st of October
  • Sandwich Day on the 3rd of November


Adhere to all these steps every time you create a content plan for your Instagram account and be certain you’ll be a great success!