All the concerns related to user privacy have made it quite hard for marketers to operate as consumers now have much more power over the market than before. All the images and stories they share about a brand define it more clearly than any advertisement and deeply impact the attitude of potential customers. All this has one name – social proof. It’s true that we care about other people’s recommendations and that’s proved by such websites as Amazon, TripAdvisor, etc. The same can be viewed on social media with Instagram in particular. Today it’s more important than ever for a brand to keep track of what people speak about it on Instagram. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider of the market, has already explained how you can track your social mentions. Today, we shall refer to five major reasons to do that. But before that, let’s recall what social mention is.

Social Mention is a tool that suggests a real-time search over various social networking sites, news platforms, and blogs. In fact, it’s a perfect way to find out mentions you might be not aware of. Due to social mentions, you learn what people think about your brand, get ways to improve your credibility in the market. So, here are the five basic reasons you should never neglect Instagram social mentions.



Discover UGC


Instagram’s mention is really oversaturated with endless-seeming information. Most probably you know that UGC created by regular consumers and content creators forms the basis of a modern brand’s growth. Besides, it backs the social proof  – we are dubious about what a brand says about itself, yet trust what other people say about it. Particularly that’s the reason why user-generated images/videos have as much as five times more power to create an opinion about a brand than non-user-generated ones.



Clarify and Solve Customer Service Issues


The rules of modern life impose turning to Instagram (and other social media networks) whenever there’s a customer service issue to be solved. Just the same way, we share our complaints or warnings about a brand once we are dissatisfied with its services. Nowadays, many marketers use Instagram merely for marketing purpose forgetting that there is another not less critical aspect of social media – customer service. With the help of Instagram mentions, find any complaints you have about your brand and try to give dissatisfied customers ground solutions. If you neglect them and go on selling your products/services, you risk losing your existing customers, either.



Track Sentiment Towards Your Brand


It’s crucial to assign as positive, so neutral and negative sentiment that rolls around your Instagram posts. Being attentive toward Instagram mentions, you can monitor the percentage of that sentiment and see how your actions affect it. Compare the metrics you have to industry benchmarks with the help of artificial intelligence, in case you plan to go deeper into it.



Raise Engagement


Monitoring and responding to Instagram mentions evokes dialogues between a brand and its customers. Consumers ask questions, give feedback, share stories about their collaborations with the brand thus increasing not only its credibility but also engagement on Instagram. If you want an example, just go to the Instagram account of Lucy & Yak fashion brand. They track mentions and respond to the best UGC they can find. And that’s why they have a much higher engagement rate than their competitors.



Just Because You Can


And finally, if you have the opportunity to track your Instagram mentions, why shouldn’t you do that?! Have you noticed that people today have the power to reshape the world right through their smartphones?! And the existence of different tools and applications make it possible to monitor all the mentions your brand gets, respond to them appropriately, and boost your sales!