It’s not a secret that social media managers, influencers and entrepreneurs face a certain set of mental health challenges having to spend the greatest part of the day on the internet. If you fall into this category of people, it is worth thinking about taking a break from your smartphone, your Instagram account (just as any other social media account) and technology in general. Just think yourself, when did you last spend a whole day without checking your phone? Whether social media is your passion or your job, taking time to decompress and giving your mind some rest from the screen is simply crucial for one’s mental health. And once this starts to seem impossible, it means it’s high time to think seriously about the matter. Being concerned with its customers’ mental health, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, would like to share some tips on how to find a balance between social media and rest. As “quitting” Instagram is definitely not an option, you are sure to find these tips useful:



The Usefulness of Daily Meditation


Mediation has been proved as an efficient means of fighting against anxiety, stress, depression, high blood pressure. So, taking as little as only ten minutes out of your social media marketer’s workday won’t harm it in any way. Yet, if you devote those ten minutes to meditating, you are sure not only to feel much better and stress-free but also increase your work productivity and creativeness.

In case you don’t have any practice in meditating, it will be expedient to make use of Headspace free application. The latter is a great tool in helping you to press the reset button and helping to refocus your brain.



Controlling the Instagram Feed


Scientists warn ordinary users of Instagram, as well as social media marketers to do a quick audit of their Instagram feeds once they feel the social media has started to affect their mental health. How to curate an Instagram feed that will be appropriate for you? Just follow the following points:

  • Unfollow those accounts which you think can’t make you feel good;
  • Mute those keywords that upset or trigger you;
  • Follow happy and inspiring accounts that can make your time fun;
  • Control all the comments you get by blocking certain words and phrases you wouldn’t like to read under your posts;
  • Set intentions.


Set Limits by Monitoring the Screen Time

Did you know that on average, an Instagrammer spends two hours viewing, liking, commenting and posting on IG?! And when the matter concerns a social media marketer, this number is to be at least quadrupled. If you are one, set time limits on your gadget (the latest iPhones allow tracking the time spent on IG). You can also make use of the Moment application.



Set Self-Care Goals

When overburdened with much work, you may forget such simple self-care goals as taking a medicine, doing a short exercise, etc. With the help of Aloe Bud free application, you can track them. This will help you find a better balance between the work times on IG and your little but important self-care goals.



Taking a Break from IG


If the above-mentioned tips haven’t had any significant results on your mental health, it’s time to take a break from Instagram. Even if your job is connected with this social media, it’s still possible to take breaks on weekends and evenings. For this, schedule your posts in advance and assign a co-worker to monitor the engagement they get during the weekend.