It’s a known saying that a good picture is worth a thousand words! If this is true (we don’t even doubt that), then imagine how powerful a popular Instagram image is! Instagram is currently the most rapidly growing famous photo and video sharing platform, which makes it an ideal place to find customers. Knowing that your target audience has gathered in one place, reaching them becomes significantly easier. Surely, it’s possible to attract customers and create brand awareness by setting an account, filling it with quality content, as well as engaging with other users. However, once you determine to take advantage of advertising opportunities, your marketing results are sure to be maximized greatly. Besides, this way you can target a specific audience based on the people’s gender, age, demographics, and other key factors. And if you don’t have any practice in advertising on Gram, InstaBF will gladly provide you with several key nuances of the platform. A good advertisement can be the valuable content that will turn potential customers into real ones. And right now one of the most reputable services providing IG and IGTV comments, likes, views, and followers, is going to present to your attention five keys to scheming an IG ad that is sure to work!



Don’t Showcase the Product, but Tell a Story Instead


If your brand acquires Instagram as a platform to post the equivalent of a brochure, then you are going to lose a lot. Surely there are multiple images of sunsets and salads, yet those picturing people wandering in a museum or skydiving gain a lot more engagement. Therefore, not advertise the product itself, but showcase how it can improve your customer’s life. Make it certain for all viewers that they will benefit a lot once they get your product. For this, create realistic and memorable situations with people using your products. So, as you have guessed, your success in IG advertising starts with remarkable creative!



Concentrate on the Correct Hashtags


Compared to all other social platforms, hashtags play a bigger role on Instagram. This is all because your only way of adding links to your posts is placing it in the “learn more” tab at the bottom of the picture. Therefore, it’s important to think of those keywords that not only describe your products or services the best but also interest your target audience. For instance, in case you are selling jeans, don’t use the simple #jeans hashtag, instead opt for #nightoutjeans used under an image of a stylish guy hitting the town in your jeans.



Contribute to Carousels


Carousel posts are as popular as never before. This grandiose Instagram feature allows users scheme mini-albums of content that can be anything you wish starting from a selection of vacation images and ending with more working variants such as a step-by-step look how your products or services work.  



Actively Implement Videos into Ads


Images can drive amazing results, undoubtedly. Yet, videos can double the effect! Short videos can bring a deeper look to what your product is and how great it can feel in the hands of your customers. There are brands that use video ads exclusively in Instagram Stories, while others actively use this format in their feeds. Try both and see which best works for your particular brand.



Make a Creative and Compelling Landing Page


Once you’ve done everything right, you get all the chances your visitors will click on the call-to-action button to learn more about the products they are interested in. What’s next? If taken to your landing page, your visitors must by no means get disappointed. Make certain it is as attractive as your Instagram advertisements.

Nevertheless, nowadays it is possible to make deals right on Instagram, without even leaving the platform. In this case, be certain you provide your customers with a prompt and responsible response.