Our beloved Instagram social network is sure to welcome Instagram businesses to the new 2018 year with plenty of innovations and trends. Surely, we can expect to face more marketing content on Instagram Stories, yet content performance optimization and paid ads are going to have their unique place in reaching up to customers through Instagram as well. New analytics tools and features are expected to come to the arena, too. Let’s now get acquainted with the major marketing trends of Instagram in 2018.

Boosting Insta’s Posts

Do you remember the whole hustle and bustle when Facebook acquired Instagram six years ago? Brands feared they would be obliged to pay for reaching up to their customers like they did with Facebook. And now, despite Instagram stories and free clickable links, that fear seems to be reasonable. 2018 suggests becoming friendly with paid Instagram advertisements. It’s definitely going to be more complicated for new Instagram influencers and small businesses to run an advertisement campaign, yet 2018 also makes boosting regular posts easier. After creating a post, one can opt for promoting it (viewed with “sponsored” note and CTA above) and hence get more visits, likes, and impressions. So, 2018 Instagram presumes combining organic and paid strategies for a marketing development of your brand!

Driving Sales on Instagram in 2018

Undoubtedly, clickable links did a great job in driving traffic through Insta’s stories, yet 2018 will offer even a more effective way for this. Probably, you’ve already heard about Shopify. And with the use of this service’s new feature integration, brands will now be able to tag their products (add the name and price) right on the photos. Customers, in their turn, won’t have to leave the application for making a purchase.

Refining Instagram Profiles

According to the results of 2017, more and more people used Instagram platform instead of Google for browsing this or that brand. Hence, in 2018 every business should devote time and efforts to creating an aesthetically pleasant Instagram profile. For this, it’s worth applying a consistent editing style and color palette, Instagram highlights. Such amazing tools as Later, for instance, will assist you greatly in designing an impressive feed.

Making the Most Out of Instagram Stories

An efficient marketing strategy for 2018 is implementing Instagram Stories for attracting new customers and driving sales. Released relatively lately, in March of the last year, the advertising platform of Stories makes it possible for brands to experiment and discover what works the best for the promotion of their products. Customers expect to see conversion-friendly and creative Stories by their favorite brands in 2018. And companies, meanwhile, plan to pay special attention to the stories they create for customers.

Micro-Influencer Marketing of 2018

Instagram influencers had to have millions of followers to attract companies for cooperation. Companies, on the other hand, had to spend millions of dollars on advertising their production through Instagram influencers. The new 2018 year will bring more opportunities to Instagram influencers with less yet more engaged followers that were a must last year. Micro-influencer marketing is the innovation both companies and Instagram users will benefit from. Micro-influencers are not celebrities, they are rather everyday consumers, who are more reliable and franker with their followers. Hence, what they recommend in their feeds, comes like good advice from a friend rather than a cool advertisement.

Anyway, no matter what changes the new 2018 year will bring, InstaBF will still be operating and offer you as many likes, comments, views, and followers as you may find necessary for making your Instagram account more attractive. As usual, we’ll still be making everything to provide our clients with the quality service they expect from us.