Such a phenomenon as Instagram’s verification has always been accepted as something mysterious by the social media users. What factors are taken into account when IG decides to verify an account or not? Does the number of followers the account has affect this decision? These and a bunch of other questions were always like a bone in Instagrammers’ throat! Fortunately, Instagram has recently explained how the whole verification process is carried out. Moreover, the social media made it possible for its subscribers to apply for account verification without leaving the application. So, if you are interested in verifying your account for upgrading your brand on this virtual platform, you’ll find this post greatly useful! InstaBF is one of the leading IG and IGTV providers and wants to do everything so that its customers take the most from Instagram!



Requesting a Verified Badge for Your Instagram Account


To request a badge for your Gram account, log into it, pass to the three lines in the right top corner of the screen. From here you’ll access the settings and can tap the Request Verification option. After this, you are to fill out the brief form that includes your name, Insta nickname, your category. Besides, it will be necessary to attach your Government-issued ID form. Once everything is completed, tap Send.



Requirements for Getting Verified


The requirements of Instagram verification are very strict. Besides the primary conditions that include being a public figure, a brand or celebrity, there are a number of other requirements, as well. Here are them:




The primary condition for having your account verified is authenticity. With this said, we mean your account must represent a real person, an entity or a registered business.




The next point is the uniqueness. The account is to be the original presence of the business or celebrity it represents. This means that despite having multiple profiles on Instagram, a brand can have only one account verified. Anyway, there happen cases when Instagram makes exceptions for certain language-specific accounts, as well as those having different fashion lines, sports and countries.




Only a complete account with the profile photo, bio, and at least one post can apply for verification. Besides, it mustn’t have any link to other social media.




And the last requirement that Instagram has for an account applying for verification is the notability. The account is to represent a famous and widely-searched-for brand, person or entity.



After You Have Applied for Verification


Soon after you have applied for verification, you get a notification from Instagram about their decision. In case of a denial, you will be obliged to wait a month before having the chance of applying again. Yet, if the answer is positive, you can already find the verification badge on your account.

Instagram warns that once it finds out the applicant has provided them with false information in the application, they will not only remove the verification badge but can also delete the account.

Remember that Instagram verification badge is one of the most effective keys to building credibility and trust among Instagram users.