If someone says that he doesn’t expect his hard work on building an attractive Instagram account pay off via a flow of new followers, we can hardly believe that. We all are very glad for every new user following us on this social network. But what if you notice someone following your account and unfollowing it almost immediately? This is indescribably unpleasant. Who are these people? What’s the point in the follow/unfollow behavior? If they unfollow you does that mean they don’t find your feed attractive anymore? These and many other questions about such accounts are going to be answered right in this article. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to share some nifty tips to help you not lose real followers, as well as stay away from follow/unfollow accounts.


Who Are These Follow/Unfollow Users?


Do you wonder who are these mysterious accounts and why do they do that? Let’s find this out together. InstaBF has a couple of ideas.

The first variant is that the desire to attract new followers makes them follow hundreds of random users and expect them to follow them back. Once done, most of them simply unfollow the new users. It’s definitely unfair and cruel by their side.

The second variant is the presence of a third-party application created to boost engagement. They are programmed to follow Instagram accounts and drive traffic if they follow them back. In fact, such bots don’t even see or visit your account when they start following you. Surely, all these don’t refer to InstaBF as the principle of work of this service is thoroughly different. All the followers we offer you have real-looking HQ profiles and don’t unfollow shortly afterward.

If you are searching some telltale signs that can help you differentiate ordinary Instagram accounts from follow/unfollow ones, here are some to remember:


  • Follow/Unfollow accounts follow numerous (up to thousands) of people yet have none to follow them back;
  • Follow/Unfollow accounts don’t share posts;
  • Follow/Unfollow accounts have feeds filled with strange and dubious content.


If the account you doubt has even one of these characteristics, you are most probably dealing with a follow/unfollow account. Here is how it might look like:

How Can You Stop Follow/Unfollow Accounts?


Perhaps the only way of stopping follow/unfollow accounts from annoying you is to make it hard (or better impossible) for them to find you. The first step is mastering hashtags. This will not only keep you away from being rampaged by follow/unfollow robots but also help you grow your account in a huge speed! For instance, if you use a too popular hashtag, such as #creative to post your content which has around 42 million posts, there are little chances that it will be noticed by people. In the meantime, you become a good target for follow/unfollow accounts. Instead, you can use hashtags composed of two or even up to three trendy words, i.e. #creativedesignsinlondon, in our case.

And the next step is to pick up your selected hashtags, grow your account organically and block any account that seems to a follow/unfollow one.