Instagram fascinates its followers with a series of interesting features and there can be no doubt that Stories are the most useful. According to the statistics, around twenty-five hundred million people use this feature every day. What other proof do you need to start posting grandiose stories?

Stories got this mind-blowing popularity as they allow the user to post a bunch of photos instead of selecting carefully every single photo to post as usual. Besides, the photos included in the story are viewed as a slideshow. By the end of the day, they disappear giving you the opportunity to post a fresh story related to the new day.

Let’s observe some other details about Instagram stories.

Adding and Removing Stories

Adding a story to an Instagram account is as easy as ABC. To launch your Stories, just swipe right from your main screen. Then you can either shoot a photo/video on the spot or upload it from your camera roll. And after you save your new Story, telling about your unique (or maybe not so) experiences, it will be available for twenty-four hours. When the time expires, the content automatically disappears. However, if for some reason you no longer want the story to be seen, just delete it, Instagram has made this possible!

Instagram Helps to Make Unique Stories

  • Want to add some fun to your story? Why won’t you make Boomerang videos?! These short videos that play forward and backward look so fun and exciting on Instagram! To make one, just go to your Stories camera and choose the Boomerang mode. Tap record and a brief burst of photographs will be taken. As a result, you will have a gif-like effect.
  • Another great tool to use for taking mind-blowing Stories is the Hands-Free button. With its help, you can fix your phone and set the timer. You will have three seconds to get a charming posture before the camera will shoot you. Right this way, you can take a tutorial video for your followers on Instagram.
  • Instagram has made it possible to make live videos, too. The moment you start your broadcast, by choosing the Live option and an appropriate filter, your followers will be informed you are online. Even if you add a friend, both of you can use absolutely different filters. By the way, there is a “magic” button on Instagram named Rewind that can puzzle your friends! It will play your videos backward. Be sure they will be definitely confused especially if it’s the first time you make use of the Rewind.
  • With a bevy of customization options, Instagram does not yield to Snapchat. Switch on a filter to both your Story photos and videos (even live), add ready stickers from the huge gallery or turn your face into a unique sticker, or just completely forget about posting a photo and opt for making an art instead. Just select the color and make dots or stripes in any size on the canvas. Instagram encourages its users to reveal their inner artist and share the results with followers!

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