Visual marketing has become popular among all Instagram marketers, as it has proved to really work. In fact, it delivers the kind of results that few brands could ever dream of before creating their Instagram accounts. A single image included in an Instagram update is able to make the post stand out in the timelines of the brand’s followers and increase the brand’s engagement rate. According to the statistics, over 80% of people skim the content online that involves only reading. In the meantime, those posts that have captivating images, get as much as 650% higher engagement. Besides, half a second is enough for a person to form the first impression of the brand and a good image is the best tool for that. So, InstaBF, one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV providers of the market, is going to speak about visual content marketing and provide you with some tips that can improve your brand’s engagement.



What Visual Content Marketing Is


Visual content marketing is the content marketing that is based on visual content. Just like blog posts are written content, images, videos, GIFs and even infographics are all visual. Here are some visual marketing tips that can critically improve your engagement:



  • The Right Dimensions


If you have several accounts in different social networks, don’t create one all-purpose image for all of them. Remember that every social network uses a different image dimension. Hence, you need to get a new image for every social media that will be bespoke and look great right in the dimensions it is displayed in.



  • Visual CTA


An important part of marketing is CTA as particularly the latter encourages people to take the next action. Visual call-to-action appears to be even more effective than a usual one included in a blog post or a social media update. Hence, actively use CTA in your Instagram images knowing they will work.



  • The Consistent Style


Having a consistent style on Instagram is highly important. Due to the latter, people can recognize any visual update you do from the very first glance. An extra accent can be via a frame added to each of your images, or the usage of the same filter for editing every image. The choice is yours, just make sure you are branding yourself through all your visuals.



  • Multiple Formats


An Instagram feed composed only of images may seem boring, don’t you think so? Hence, don’t just go posting only pretty pictures, but play with formats – use infographics, videos, memes, GIFs, etc. if you find they will be relevant to your target audience.



  • Popping Colors


The primary purpose of an Instagram image is to catch users’ attention when they scroll down the news feed. Taking this into consideration, it’s worth using bright colors popping out of the page. Anyway, this doesn’t mean you should distract from the cultural nuances and your brand voice. Even if your brand’s Instagram account is filled with black and white pictures, make certain they are remarkable, have depth and catch the eye from the first sight.


As 2018 has changed to 2019, visual content marketing seems to only increase in popularity. And as this social platform isn’t yet fully saturated, there’s still plenty of space for you to show your potential, seek new ways of attracting more customers through our picturesque Instagram images!