In this article we’ll try to go through strategies how to make your potential clients want your brand. To do this we need to explain something about human nature. Fundamental truth is that it’s hard for people to control their desires. They come to us unconsciously and trend spotters understand and know it clearly. It’s really easy to influence buyers. There are some tricks and strategies, which can help you to inspire people to do shopping. Creating a brand’s identity is definitely a hard process.

The key role in this practice is showing how successful you are.

What is success on Instagram in people’s mind?

Of course, success is a positive attitude to your brand, which followers show through likes, comments and views. In this part, any businessman strives to increase these data. The majority of newbies and experienced businessmen find a smart solution — they buy likes, followers, views, comments to provide the fast growth of popularity at the market.

The best time to post

Time management is the next essential thing. Don’t let your followers forget about you. Find a balance. Posts shouldn’t be very frequent, because it will look like you impose your products. People avoid such profiles. We recommend you to make posts once in two days: this is the ideal proportion between a rare reminding about your brand and intrusion in your customers’ feed.


The importance of well thought-out content is obvious too. Captions under your photos are like additional bonus: you give your followers some food for thinking. Texts are another way to communicate effectively with your followers. With it you make them involved into the promotion process.


Function of sharing allows getting more attention. The majority of people are signed in a social network, where communication is very active. Have you ever thought that someone, who doesn’t have an Instagram profile, will never see your product. That is why sharing is so important — you let people learn about your brand. If you do like that, then you get more chances to increase your followers and boost up sales on Instagram.