Instagram Hashtags are a great means to raise the engagement of your account and attract a more targeted audience, surely if you know how to use them smartly. Why it’s so important to allure exceptionally targeted Instagram users and not random ones? The reason is quite simple – these people will be sincerely interested in your content (all, and not a couple of photos alone) and hence, are more likely to become your constant active followers. To make your Insta account successful, it’s really crucial to have your targeted audience in mind whenever making a post. And now InstaBF will share Top Do’s and Don’ts of using Hashtags with you. But prior to this, let’s introduce you InstaBF’s attractive offer which is sure to be of a great benefit to you. We suggest supplying you with multiple likes, comments, views and followers for your Instagram account at an affordable price. When dealing with InstaBF, you needn’t worry about Shadowbans or having your activities restricted on Instagram, as all the accounts here are of real active users and not bots.

So, let’s go ahead and start with the Don’ts!

What You Shouldn’t Do with Instagram Hashtags

1. Avoid using hashtags that are extremely popular

The first advice will be to avoid using tags that have more than one million posts. These are really too big hashtags and your post is most likely to be “drowned” in them. Surely, in case you get a substantial engagement almost instantly after making any post and have an impressive number of followers, this doesn’t refer to you. But if you are an ordinary Instagram user, you’d better pick up Hashtags with fewer posts associated: 5, 000 – 500, 000 will be great!

2. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags

When adding a tag, make sure it not only describes what you felt at the moment of being photographed, but the photo itself promotes that tag. Otherwise, it may be an irrelevant hashtag and attract the wrong audience.

3. Don’t pick up tags that are based solely on a single photo or use new ones for every new photo

Remember that consistency is the clue toward achieving a success on Instagram and constant followers.

4. Never copy hashtags of your competitors

It’s essential to be unique and always “out of the box”. Even if you follow your competitors’ activity on Instagram, do never copy their hashtags exactly, but pick up the tags that best describe particularly your content, your business and may attract your audience!

5. Avoid including industry keywords or jargon in hashtags

When using a hashtag, do never use industry keywords or jargon expressions as they will attract rather your competitors that target audience. For instance, once you tag a photo with #adobeillustrator, an ordinary user, who is in a search of a #logodesign, won’t be able to find you.

How You Should Use Hashtags on Instagram

1. Use hashtags that best describe your content

Making an appropriate hashtag will be of a great benefit to both you and other Instagram users. If you make a precise tagging, the people interested in that same content will soon become your true followers.

2. Use all the hashtags allowed

Instagram allows to tag a photo with up to thirty hashtags and it’s your right to use them all. Surely, this may seem awkward from aside, yet will definitely benefit in exposing your account to a diversity of potential followers.

3. Build up a set of tags that go well with all the content you regularly post

If you nearly always post the same-like content, it will be wiser to write down a combination of hashtags and copy them every time you make a new post. This way you will greatly economize your time and attract the right audience to your feed.

4. Make use of hashtag research

It’s definitely worthy to have a look at the search bar on Instagram. Here you can find the most widely searched keywords, choose the most appropriate ones from the list according to your content, and if you consider they are what your target audience will search, use in the content you share.

5. Refresh your hashtags once a month

Generally, it’s advisable to change the set of hashtags you use every month if you find your posts no longer bring the engagement they used to. Depending on the top tags you use, you may find out which tags still work for you. So, keep them and change the rest.