Being a visual brand with visual products, Blenders Eyewear brand finds Instagram social media a perfect ad channel to share images. Today, the brand already reaches up to 42 million people with its Gram advertisements and sees profitable ad returns on those ads. And now InstaBF, a popular and widely trusted IG and IGTV provider, would like to show how you can run a profitable ad campaign by the example of this fantastic eyewear brand.



How to Craft Fabulous Instagram Ads


The first thing to note is to mirror what works for a brand on organic and keep the same brand vibe and tone throughout all the ads. However, it’s important to incorporate a hard pitch, an efficient call to action, for instance.

If you want your ads to work, you should pair them with quality content in both your stories and feed. Once the organic side is slipped off, no investments on ads will be justified. Remember that most users will pass to your grid right after seeing the ad, and only then decide whether to visit your website or not.



How to Measure the Success of Gram Ad Campaigns


Once you have started an Instagram marketing campaign, it becomes important to constantly measure its success. This is not an easy thing to do unless you know the shortest way. Well, Blenders Eyewear brand knows and is ready to share with you. The brand greatly values the reach, traffic, and engagement. Yet, most of all, it prioritizes the sales and measures the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). If you use Ads Manager to track the conversions of your Instagram brand, you will easily calculate the ROAS adhering to ROAS formula. Be attentive and watchful, and you will find out particularly which ads are worth to double down and which ones should be discontinued. For Blenders Eyewear, Instagram ad campaigns turn out to act positively not only on the popularity of the brand but also on its sales revenue.



Successful Gram Ads Start with the Right Content


To increase the effectiveness of an Instagram ad, Blenders Eyewear focuses on beautiful and creative content. As Grace tells, every content posted on this social media, let it be an ad or an ordinary post, must look and feel native to the platform. As a rule, what works with Gram organic content works with ads, too. This is a right barometer you can be guided by. If you manage to create advertising content that resonates with your target audience on an authentic and deep level, you will be a success.

It’s also significant to track the current trends. For instance, Blenders Eyewear brand invests half of Instagram ad budget on Stories. They do not turn old Stories to new ads, but are thoughtful about how and when to use every Story ad so that it’s maximally effective.

These were several significant points about Instagram advertising that Blenders Eyewear brand shares with other brands.