If you are searching a way to spread a word about your business on Instagram, using a branded Insta hashtag can be a wonderful solution. In fact, around seventy percent of hashtags are brand-orientated nowadays. Whether you use your brand name or an inspirational message as a hashtag, it can become a powerful tool in attracting visitors and increasing your engagement rate. The only thing you need here is to act wisely and pick up a really killer hashtag for your Instagram business. We’ll present to your attention how you can create mind-blowing brand hashtags. But before that, let us showcase you our special offer. InstaBF is able to provide you with multiple comments, likes, and followers to make your Instagram profile stand out. Order any package presented at an affordable price being calm for the safety of your account, as all profiles provided are real-looking ones with active engagement rates.

What Branded Hashtag Is

According to studies carried out, any post made with hashtags (at least one) gets around 12% more engagement than that without any hashtag. By amplifying the message you want to deliver to your followers, Instagram hashtags help you cover even a larger spectrum of audience. So, a branded hashtag is that which is originally catered right to your business. Whetted it’s the brand name, a tagline, or the name of a product line, it should clearly identify your business.

Creating Branded Hashtags

To help you create some killer brand hashtags, we have separated a few tips. Adhere to them and combine with those clever phrases and keywords you intend to use for a win-win result!

Make it Simple

Keeping the brand hashtag as simple and short as possible is important. Your followers and possible customers should be able to remember and spell the hashtag easily. However, this doesn’t mean the hashtag is to be primitive. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, there is no sense in tagging it with “#verytastyfood”. Instead, you can add “#foodforgourmets”.

Additionally, a good brand hashtag is to be simply spelled with no double letters or misspelled words. Avoid any kind of gibberish.

Add Some Wittiness and Humor

As statistics show, hashtags with humorous and witty phrases incorporated, tend to make a deeper impression on Insta users. For instance, once Red Bull made a post with #putacanonit and inspired users to upload creative photos tagging them the same way. This was quite a success and as a result, the post gathered around ten thousands marvelous photos of Red Bull tagged the same way!

Don’t Compete

The purpose of creating a good hashtag for your business is making people enthusiastic about discussing it on the social network. Your hashtag should be relevant and accentuated on the topic you want it to be. Therefore, prior to submitting it, make sure there are no active discussions over the same hashtag. You just need to be original, hence don’t compete with already-existing hashtags brought into the arena by other brands.

Make it Memorable

An impressive and memorable brand hashtag is always rolling off the tongue, that’s what Instagram users state. A good idea is to add a little bit of creativity. Apply familiar words which are, yet brand-centric.

Once you have created a truly efficient and imposing brand hashtags, it’s high time to spread them on the web. Use the hashtags in all marketing materials you post including emails, brand images, printed products, etc. And the last, make sure your brand hashtag is added to your profile’s bio. This way your true followers will know about the new hashtag and use it.