Are you running an online business and think about incorporating Instagram into its promotion? Our congrats! This is a smart idea as long as you know how to make your Instagram advertisements attractive. So, to help you generate revenue, we shall hint you how to create Insta ads which work well for eCommerce.

Did you know that according to a recent investigation, Instagram had the greatest influence on the shopping habits of people around the world when the matter concerned the beauty, fashion, and other style-related spheres? Therefore, it definitely makes sense to undertake all the below-mentioned tips:

Make it Simple

The first rule to adhere to is keeping everything easy. Your customers, who find it somewhat difficult to deal with Instagram online shops, should be able to change their user behavior. This refers especially to the cases when you sell products to customers who have no idea how to make a purchase online. To make everything simple, it’s enough to offer the copy of your product and a brief CTA (call-to-action). By the way, make sure you mention your discount or sale offer right at the beginning, otherwise, your customers may miss it not scrolling down.

Make Friendly Ads

As compared with Facebook, Instagram is not that much filled with advertisements. Therefore, not to make it appear as an inorganic content on this social network, you’d better make it seem as if posted by a friend. Make sure it doesn’t stick out. Just add value to your ad instead of blatantly selling any product.

Concentrate on Your Target Audience

Before creating any advertisement and posting it on Instagram, it’s crucial to concentrate on the main target audience. Be certain, if you plan to make sales for everyone regardless the gender, age or style, you will experience a huge fail. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have a too-narrow target either. A couple of great tools used by Facebook are KPI and the split test. Use them, try and find out what segment of people notice your ads the most and adjust them to your possible clients’ expectations. For instance, it’s been proved that middle women (from 45 to 54) are more attracted by video advertisements than younger ones. The latter, meanwhile, find photo ads more practical and effective.

Additionally, by including Facebook Pixel into your page, you’ll be able to retarget the audience which was interested in your previous posts. This way you’re going to have alive conversations and discussions under your advertisements on Instagram.

Create the Aura of Trust

Who would like to order a product from a service that has few followers or positive comments?! Surely none! Therefore, it’s mandatory to have a huge number of followers even if you are just starting your business. InstaBF can solve this issue for you. We can provide you with as many likes, comments, and even followers as you may find necessary for creating the image of a trustworthy online shop on Instagram. All of our profiles look real with regular posts and followers. With our little assistance, your online business will flourish before your eyes!