If you are seeking new ways of improving your Instagram marketing campaign, you should not ignore the increasing popularity of photo collages on this social media. They are taking over not only Instagrammers’ feeds but also their stories. Today influencers, brands, and even ordinary users have a creative approach to collage making and a number of applications come to help. Using them, one gets access to stitching together photos, videos, adding lovely backgrounds, stickers and so much more! So, if you are promoting a business on Instagram or are working hard to increase the number of your followers, get to Instagram collages. Add an original style to your branded content, grab your target audience’s attention and show off more content in less space with the help of the following collage-making apps. InstaBF, your old friend in the space of IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views, is glad to present to your attention some of the best apps to scheme amazing collages for your Insta account and stay ahead of the trend. But before that, let’s find out why collages are trending right now!



The Popularity of Collages


Right now collages can be found everywhere on Instagram. Starting as an Insta Stories trend, collage making tricked down to feeds. Collages give Instagrammers an opportunity to post much content in a unique and little space. And special applications make it possible to create on-brand designs, promote their outfits and products in fewer slides. Moreover, the collage trend is so hot currently, that Instagram brands have started releasing their own branded collage templates through collaborations with apps. So, in case you need a way to boost your engagement and get more followers, hurry to jump on this new trend in 2019. Just remember to edit your photos before you stitch them together in a collage. The images/videos must look organic together so that the final result fits cohesively with your brand aesthetic and the goals you have set.

And now, let’s pass to several awesome apps available in the market:



Unfold for Minimalist Collages


We can’t but start our list with Unfold. The app comes packed with a ton of modern and clean collage templates. The app regularly adds new templates for various occasions and seasons. So, unfold is perfect for creating easy and quick collages on the go.



Storyluxe for Vibrant Collages


This is one of the newest collage-making apps. In contrast to the previous app, Storyluxe is packed with vibrant and eye-catching templates including floral, neon, instant film, polaroid, and many other options. It’s perfect for both Insta Stories and feed posts (has both a 4:5 and 9:16 options for all templates).



SCRL for Seamless Panoramic Collages


Are you fond of carousel posts? If yes, then SCRL is what you need. It’s amazing or creating stackable, seamless collages. Besides the templates, the application’s library is rich with stock images (around 300, 000 images) while the fonts are really awesome! Use SCRL for creating collages of images that make sense when stuck together.