If you think that an Instagram username should be memorable and catching, you are absolutely right. Actually, the road to Insta fame starts particularly with an impressive username, the one that will easily catch the eye and interest other users. So, as probably you have guessed, right now InstaBF is going to speak about the importance of picking up a unique Instagram username, as well as how to find a proper one for you. But prior to that, we’d like to remind that InstaBF is the online service that can provide you with as many Instagram and IGTV followers, likes, views and comments, as you may need at an affordable price.

So, let’s hop to our topic right away!



The Importance of Original Instagram Usernames


It’s obvious, that the main goal of leading an Instagram account is gaining the attention of other users, make them interact with yours by liking, viewing and commenting on your comments. And the more active followers you gain, the better for your Gram account. And one of the most efficient ways to stand out on this social network is to pick up a unique username. If it’s memorable, people will easily remember and tell others about it. For instance, let’s take such a situation. You made an interesting or funny comment on another user’s post and it gained the attention of the one who made the post or other users who participated in the discussion. In case of having a unique username that is interesting enough to make others want to click and pass to your account, consider you have won the Insta game!

Surely, you can always change your account from your settings, yet it’s definitely better to do the research and find the best username right in the beginning before you have set up your Instagram account. This way people will remember you with the name you prefer from the very start.



Choosing Unique Instagram Usernames


Not forgetting that there are over one billion Instagrammers worldwide, finding an original username is sure to be a wee bit tricky. However, if you think outside the box, you can make the impossible.

First of all, consider what content you are going to share on your brand new personal account or the account for a blog. Perhaps that will be your favorite funny memes or your daily outfit inspiration from affordable stores. Base your username choice particularly on such like information so that it best delivers the essence and the aim of the account.



Creating Unique Usernames for Instagram


As we have already mentioned, it’s pretty difficult to come up with an original username idea which hasn’t yet been snapped up. Yet, it’s really possible. Here are a couple of combinations to try for creating unique Insta usernames:

  • Your first name + a word that well rhymes with it;
  • Color + brand name;
  • Flower name + music genre.


Other more creative ideas include:

  • Finding the word you like in another language that sounds great;
  • Using alliteration with your first name;
  • Making your favorite phrase yours by changing a word that can change the whole meaning.


Surely, in all cases, you will have to brainstorm to come up to a catching and interestingly sounding name. After you have some ideas, ask your friends to express their opinion. This will let you narrow down the search and finally choose the best that suits your personality, your peculiar style and the content you share on Instagram.

However, it’s also important to check whether it’s available or not. Add some creative elements such as underscores so that the username is available and gets even cooler!